La Francofête ambassador: Pierre-Yves Lord shares his tips for promoting French at home

La Francofête Ambassador: Pierre-Yves Lord shares his tips for promoting French at home


Valuing French organically through games, listening to television series and various programs, or even letting French-speaking music play in the house can only be a success, believes Pierre-Yves Lord. 

Passionate about children's literature, the host has been an ambassador for La Francofête since mid-March, which takes place throughout Quebec until March 26. For him, this is the perfect opportunity to “reconnect with the beauty of the language, with its finesse and its uniqueness”, but to do so in a fun way through shows, workshops, virtual games, eloquence contests and public readings.

He recalled, at the same time, that the simple fact of letting music play at home or leaving books of all kinds lying around, children's literature to encyclopedias, was enough to interest young people in culture and the Francophonie.

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“I think parents, we still have a role to play here because [our children] are not going to guess the culture. They will not instinctively develop an interest if we do not tell them who Roy Dupuis is, or that we do not make them listen to the music of Les Colocs or [Robert] Charlebois”, he raised at the end of the fil.

“Maybe hearing what we're listening to will pique their curiosity and they'll want to find out who these people are,” added the host, emphasizing the duty of transmission that comes with parenthood.

Inevitably, linguistic transmission passes through oral quality, believes Pierre-Yves. “I think as a parent you have to make an effort to speak well, even if you miss it from time to time. The simple fact of making an effort to properly tune our verb tenses and correct our children when necessary, without being dictators, can make all the difference,” he said.

“ French is our difference in North America. It is the language that allows us to express ourselves, to talk about our emotions. She's so rich.”

New documentary series on Explora

By formalizing his departure from “Deux hommes en or et Rosalie” at the end of the current season on Télé-Québec, Pierre-Yves was confident that new stimulating projects would offer themselves to him. He did not leave the show for a particular project, but his departure was a calculated risk, a risk that is part of his process of reinvention and creation to which he likes to submit punctually.

“Non-risk taking is not part of who I am. I need to take risks to feel like I'm alive,” said the host, who will host the new documentary series on space exploration, “Space Bulletin” from mid-April.

“I've been dreaming about it for years, shouting that I'm crazy about space exploration. This is finally where it's happening, “said Pierre-Yves Lord to the QMI Agency.

Over the six episodes, the host will retrace the great moments of the love story between human beings and space: from the first steps on the Moon to the Artemis mission, to the James Webb telescope. Pierre-Yves will talk to space enthusiasts, whether they are astronauts, engineers for NASA or authors.

  • “Space Bulletin” will arrive on TV on the 17 next April, on ICI Explora. La Francofête continues until March 26. The complete program is available here [].