La Friperie des Villes, a second-hand temple in Béziers

La Friperie des Villes, a second-hand temple in Béziers

Laetitia Vagner : “Il y a une trop grande quantité de vêtements dans le monde”. Midi Libre

Le commerce, qui se veut populaire et accessible, a ouvert le 1er février sur l'avenue Wilson. À sa tête, Laetitia Vagner milite pour la réutilisation des vêtements. 

La Friperie des ville is a new business that opened its doors on February 1 at 35 Wilson Avenue. This store offers second-hand clothing at low prices for men and women.
On a vast area of ​​1,000 m2 with fitting room, it is possible to find brands, vintage items, as well as some shoes and accessories. Prices are set on a list but can be negotiated depending on purchase volume. "The maximum amount is 10 € per item", explains Laetitia Vagner, the creator of the boutique. "I want to create a popular thrift store where everyone can enter with small budgets". In fact, the residents of the neighborhood are starting to get used to it and have adopted the young woman who is making new friends.

The former sales executive embarked on the adventure

Formerly a sales executive working from home for an export company, it was precisely to reconnect with people that Laetitia Vagner embarked on this adventure. "I’I feel like I'm going back to my college days, when I did odd sales jobs", she smiled. A social project in every sense of the word, whose objective is also to bring new consumption habits. "The idea came to me when I saw that a jacket I had bought a few years ago for 10’ ;euro; was now sold at 25 € in Montpellier", explains Laetitia. "Today, there are too many clothes in the world. The idea is to bring them back to life without contributing to pollution. A t-shirt for 30 € is not necessarily worth 30 €, you can have the same quality for 4 €". T-shirts will soon be relevant with the arrival of sunny days. And the Friperie des Villes should soon be offering its summer collections.

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