La Gardoise Chloé Ridel, spokesperson for the PS: “We must reorganize common life”

La Gardoise Chloé Ridel, spokesperson for the PS: “We must reorganize common life”

“Many of our measures have majority opinion.” Midi Libre – MiKAEL ANISSET

Spokesperson for the PS and MEP, Gardoise is closely following the discussions for a new government led by the New Popular Front. And is concerned about the climate which led, in Gard, to the election of six RN deputies.

You returned to Brussels as a MEP. Your impressions ?

The start of the school year went well. We must now negotiate the future agreement of the mandate. There is the plenary session in Strasbourg next week in a context where the right and the far right have strengthened themselves in the European Parliament. With in particular the creation of the new far-right group which will be chaired by Jordan Bardella.

A group wanted by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban…

Yes and Jordan Bardella lied to the French, because the creation of this group had been decided for a long time. He waited until July 7, after the election, to say that he would join a group with Viktor Orban who is still at the head of an authoritarian regime, pro Putin and ;pro Chinese. In this group there is also the Spanish Vox party, whose president is a climate skeptic to the last degree… Jordan Bardella's entire demonization strategy falls apart.

As spokesperson for the PS are you associated with the discussions, in France, on the future government ?

Yes, of course, I follow the discussions. For now, the challenge is to ensure that Emmanuel Macron respects the choice of voters at the polls. The New Popular Front arrived in front, it is the first force in parliament and it should be able to form a government. Afterwards, it is up to this government to create majorities when it is necessary to vote on bills. There are two vital things: the government on the one hand, which proposes, and a national assembly which will decide.

For you, can this government be extended to members of the old majority or is it impossible?< /p>

No, we have to form a New Popular Front government and then we will obviously have to seek votes from other groups in the assembly. We will form a government which will be a minority, that is obvious, but many of the measures in our program are in the majority opinion! Price blocking, the wealth tax, the fight against medical deserts… Unlike Emmanuel Macron who, with a minority government, wanted to pass minority laws in the country. opinion, forceps, like pension reform-.

On the position of Prime Minister, does one of the candidates have your preference?

He must come from the New Popular Front and Olivier Faure put himself forward as one of the candidates. If we count the socialist parliamentarians in the Senate and the National Assembly, we are the leading force.

In Gard, the RN achieves a grand slam with six deputies out of six. You vote in Lédenon, you were on the ground, how did you experience this result ?

I campaigned for NFP candidates in Gard, notably in Manduel, Redessan, municipalities that I know well and where I noticed a climate of pre-violence. Everywhere, I heard people saying that foreigners had the right to everything and they to nothing. Many, however, are not in great precariousness. But they are afraid of losing what little they have, they restrict themselves in their daily lives and they believe in the scapegoat that the extreme right has pointed at them: the immigrant foreigner . I am very angry with these RN leaders who went on stage to say that immigrants were responsible, because in concrete terms, that threatens peace in our small villages. People fear each other and I think we need to get back to basics: calling on people to talk to each other, respect each other, mix. Our department is not that. Throughout its history since antiquity it has been crossed by successive waves of migration, which have been able to live together and it is not now that we must wage civil war.  Local elected officials have their share of responsibility for reorganizing common life.

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