La Reina del Flow season 2: what end for Yeimy and Charly Flow on Netflix?

La Reina del Flow: how does season 2 of the Colombian series available on Netflix end? Following the success of Season 1, Season 2 of La Reina del Flow has arrived on Netflix. And since its release, it is in the top 10 of the streaming platform! But if you are lazy to see all 89 episodes of season 2, PRBK gives you a 100% spoiler recap of the end! Find out how Season 2 ends for Yeimy Montoya (Carolina Ramírez) and Charly Flow (Carlos Torres).

Warning, this article contains spoilers!

La Reina del Flow on Netflix: find out what happens in season 2

In the top Netflix, there is season 1 of Hellbound , season 1 of Cowboy Beebop but also season 2 of La Reina del Flow (number 1)! The opportunity to meet Yeimy Montoya/Tammy Andrade (Carolina Ramírez), Charly Flow (Carlos Torres) or even Juancho (Andrés Sandoval). Except that this sequel is made up of 89 episodes. So if you're too lazy to watch Season 2 in its entirety, PRBK tells you how the series ends at the end.

At the beginning, we see that Yeimy, Juancho, Erick and Irma have succeeded in music. Charly is in prison and seems to have changed and become aware of all his past mistakes. Yeimy hesitates between forgiving Charly for everything he has done, giving him a second chance or defending at all costs the family she has built with Juancho and Emilio. In any case, she receives the support of Charly and Juancho for all her new misadventures.

Starting with the return of Manín, who is in fact alive and not dead. The drug godfather was rescued by a doctor in hiding so that the DEA would take him to prison in the United States and release all the names and give all the accounts related to the trafficking. But Manín dies, for good this time.

Then, it's Titano who kidnaps Erick and Irma to avenge the death of his brother Lucio. But Titano is also killed. Then, Mike Rivera, the producer of Gray Shark, has Yeimy kidnapped. But she manages to escape thanks to the help of Antonio, a henchman who recognized the singer. Mike gets arrested by the police and is sentenced to serve time in jail, but has an accident on the road to go to jail.

How does it end? This is the end of La Reina del Flow

Season 2 of La Reina del Flow also shows that Charly has really changed and is no longer acting: he gives Yeimy documents which prove that it is she and not him who wrote his old hits. He thus assumes the theft of songs and arranges things between them. He also promises Yeimy not to interfere in his relationship with Juancho.

Except that Yeimy and Juancho go their separate ways. Yes, he loved his best friend for years and never forgot her. But despite what they've been through, Yeimy realizes he's not the man she loves. She is still in love with Charly, despite everything he did to her when they were young. While Charly decides to go to Japan to see her daughter Vanessa (married to Pite), Yeimy arrives before he leaves and kisses her. A passionate kiss that shows her that it is him that she has chosen.

The end of sison 2 ends with a world tour of Charly and Yeimy, which ends in Medellin. Yeimy and Charly are a couple and in love, and Juancho tries his luck with Daniela. This is how the ending of La Reina del Flow ends, because there will be no season 3 according to the lead actress.

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