La Zarra: “Music saved me from a dull life”

La Zarra: & ldquo; Music saved me from a monotonous life.

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It wasn't that long ago that she was a hairdresser and her life was “monotonous”. Two weeks ago, Quebecer Fatima-Zarah Hafdi, alias La Zarra, made a triumphant entry in a convertible and walked the red carpet at NRJ Music in Cannes, where she was shortlisted for the Revelation of the Year award.

Pinch her, someone! “It's a bit of a dream,” admits the singer, online from France, who is now offering Traîtrise , her first album.

We have already spoken de La Zarra, earlier this year, and her clever mix of rap and French variety, which she coats with her distinctive deep voice that rolls her “rs” like a certain Édith Piaf.

Until recently, she was a closely guarded secret, barely having a few songs to listen to on the web. & Nbsp;

No longer. His dancing clip Tu t'en iras , launched in mid-2021 and listened to more than four million times on Spotify (the clip has 4.4 million views on YouTube), released it definitely in the shade.

Especially in France, where we fall for the one who likes to play it glamorous , in her clips and in photos, with her chic dresses retro and wide-brimmed hats.

“I have a lot of crushes from the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s era. I try to dress myself in outfits that I like and mean a lot about me. I want to be elegant, but I don't want to be provocative. I accept my body and my forms, I accept what I give off. It would be a lie to say that I don't trust myself today, ”she said.

It all started with betrayal

Directed with producer Benny Adam, her creative right-hand man and whoever discovered her, sort of, Treachery carries a strong musical signature. His songs, sort of hyphens between the past and the present, are built on urban rhythms superimposed on a neat pen and a sensual song.

The title of the album, which is imposed quickly in the process, is evocative.

Out of modesty, La Zarra (who is not disclosing her age) does not go into details, but an injury, which could be a breakup, has guided her course. “Everything was born from a feeling of betrayal, of hatred, which I managed to transpose in a more romanticized and poetic way”, confides the one for whom the music has changed everything.

“I have changed jobs because I didn't like what I was doing, I didn't really know where I was going and the music fell just like that, by chance, by the grace of God, on my way. It saved me from a monotonous life in which I had nothing to offer to anyone or to society. “

The United States in the crosshairs

Now the world is within reach. France, where she spends most of her time, already monopolizes her. A priority?

“I don't like the word priority, it sounds like we are leaving another continent when we are not. On the other hand, from a logistical point of view, my artistic direction is in France, so it is logical and normal that I am here. There is a great demand and I have to be there to meet it. “

La Zarra promises to come to Quebec, which she misses, for TV appearances in early 2022 and wishes to sing in festivals next summer.

Otherwise, the others countries of the European Francophonie have also raised their hands, as has the United States, she slips into the conversation.

“I cannot say too much, but things are starting to move there- low. »

Could we witness the birth of a great star? & Nbsp;

♦ The album Traîtrise , from La Zarra, on sale now.

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