Lac-Mégantic will have waited 10 years

Lac-Mégantic aura attendu 10 ans

The bypass route of the railway that runs through Lac-Mégantic will be nice to be ready in the time provided for by the governments, it will be over 10 years between the tragedy and its putting into service, reminds the mayor.

Lac-Mégantic aura attendu 10 ans

Julie Morin

“Every night, every day, there are trains that pass in the centre of the city “, dropped Julie Morin, mayor of Lac-Mégantic.

And this, even if it was exactly seven years ago Monday, that occurred at this place, the explosion of a convoy of 72 tank cars of crude oil killed 47 people, the worst rail accident in recent Canadian history.

The department of Transportation said Saturday that the timing of the construction of a bypass railway will be respected. Announced in 2018, work will begin in 2021. The project ” is progressing very satisfactorily “, could one read in the press release.

Thus, the commissioning will not happen before 2023, writes Ms. Morin, who cannot understand why the authorities put so much time to move from study to the realization of the project.

“It is an issue that drags on” is the railways expert Denis Allard.

It is believed that the project could be finished in two or three years.

“This path is not only important, it is a necessity,” says the mayor.

The Méganticois have experienced a real trauma. They look forward to the day where the heart of their city will no longer cut in two by a railway which reminds them of the drama, ” she explains.

In addition, even if there are more oil which passes over the railway in Lac-Mégantic, the risk of an accident is still real because of the particular topography of the land, the city being located behind a curve, at the bottom of the second-longest slope in Canada.

Besides, a train has derailed in Nantes last August, a dozen kilometres from the place of the tragedy of 2013.

Several changes

Of course, several things have changed since the accident. The speed of the trains has been reduced, drivers are present on board and the inspections are more frequent, lists Julie Morin.

The Town of Lac-Mégantic will inaugurate Monday the Memory Space, a public square at the place of the old Musi-Café, the establishment where the majority of the victims at the time of the explosion.

“It is clear that it was not necessary to rebuild an ordinary building at this location,” says Ms. Morin. The memorial will serve to remind all of the losses, human and material, caused by the accident.

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