Lack of civility in Mont-Saint-Bruno

Manque de civisme au Mont-Saint-Bruno

Recycling bins that are overflowing welcome visitors to the entrance of the park, the most popular of the Sépaq, complains a resident exasperated by the lack of civility of some visitors.

“My grandson often tells me, “look, grandma, it’s dirty,” said Suzanne Brossard, who lives in one of the seven properties located within the parc national du Mont-Saint-Bruno. “It’s like being in a favela “, quips she.

Bottles and feces

In effect, the passage of the Journal de Montréal, waste, crates of beer and water bottles littered the ground around the recycling bins provided for the permanent residents of the park, at the entrance of the chemin du Lac-Seigneurial. Several walkers were divesting themselves of the remaining picnic, and dog feces. Later, other rubbish had been blown by the wind or eroded by the animals in the corner.

For Donald Rodrigue, a retired man formerly responsible for the conservation of the park of Mont-Saint-Bruno, Sépaq neglects its responsibilities. “The preservation of the stock is in free fall,” he believes.

For its part, Denyse Durocher, encountered after a hike, had also noticed the unsanitary conditions around the bins. “Yet this is the base : when you go in nature, you just brought your waste,” she said.

Resident of the park for 52 years, Ms. Brossard said never to have had such an overflow. “The park is surfréquenté. They are exceeded. “

She fears that the déconfinement and the more recent promotion of the Sépaq, which offered 140 000 maps of annual access for half the price, make the situation worse. Good year, bad year, the parc du Mont-Saint-Bruno welcomes nearly a million visitors.

A shared responsibility

The City of Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville normally ensures waste collection of the seven homeowners who live in the park. However, the visitors throw so much waste into the bin individual of Ms. Brossard that there was more space for its own recyclable materials.

Elsewhere in the park, it is the Sépaq that manages the waste. Although the green space has multiple bins, the resident would like to see the organization add to encourage visitors to dispose of their waste in a responsible manner.

“As much as the City that Sépaq must take their responsibilities to ensure that the park remains clean,” admits Ludovic Grayed out Farand, a municipal councillor for district 4 in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville. The fact of the situation, he informed the director-general of the City. Sépaq has not made our appeal.

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