Lack of places to to vaccinate the future attendants

Manque de places pour vacciner les futurs préposés

Students in the accelerated training of orderlies in NURSING homes may start their courses without all their vaccinations are up-to-date due to a lack of availability in the structures of vaccination CIUSSS of the National Capital.

The direction of the CIUSSS confirmed to the Newspaper that the training of the attendants had led to an unexpected demand in its immunization services.

And as the first stage of these students enrolled in the training course set up by the government Legault should start around the 15 of July, the deadlines become short to reach all those who need it.

“It is not impossible that some people make their internship without their immunization history is completely up to date,” said Mathieu Boivin, spokesman for the CIUSSS of the National Capital.

Questioned as to whether this event raised concerns for its students, the Centre Fierbourg, which offers the course in Quebec city, has not responded to the specific question. The direction was satisfied to clarify that it is the CIUSSS who ” takes all in hand “.

Holiday and short period of time

According to the explanations obtained by The Journal, the cap that is created is due in part to the speed with which the training was set on foot, which left little time for organisations to prepare.

Remember that the attendants entered, and which will be used to fill the 10,000 positions announced by François Legault, began the course on June 15. The formation had been announced a few weeks earlier, on may 27.

The summer holidays have also put a spoke in the wheels of the direction of the CIUSSS, by reducing the workforce.

“It was all done very quickly. It’s like a perfect storm, but everyone is of good will, ” insists Mr. Boivin.


To demonstrate this, the CIUSSS is currently evaluating the options to provide a quick solution to the students. Among the scenarios discussed, a vaccination clinic could be held, possibly in the facilities of the clinic-designated Place Fleur de Lys.

“We are in the process of knitting something,” reveals Mathieu Boivin, stating that the solution will mitigate the impacts on the training.

“No person shall be hindered in his path academic, his graduation and, ultimately, its entry position in the network. We will not let this situation get in our legs, ” says the direction of the CIUSSS.

As for the other regions, the ministry of Health has indicated “have not been informed of such a stake” in one or the other of the 51 centres of supplementary education that offer the course at an accelerated rate.

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