Lacrim drunk by Jazz and Laurent : “You make too much noise”

Lacrim saoulé par Jazz et Laurent : "Vous faites trop de bruit"

Lacrim threat Jazz and Laurent : “You make too much noise”

Among the many enemies that Jazz and Laurent are made, we find the rapper Lacrim. The interpreter of “Carnal” has violently attacked the parents of Chelsea and Cayden on Snapchat and have been criticized for making “too much noise”. It has warned candidates of reality tv…

If they have over 4 million subscribers, Jazz, and Laurent were not friends. At the end of December 2019, the mom of Chelsea and Cayden, in tears, confessed to have experienced “two months of hard work, of hate, of threats” and pleaded with the haters to leave the “JLC Family” quiet, then she just lost the baby she was carrying in her womb : “I live a nightmare, I can’t take it anymore. (…) I can’t take it anymore. I am cracking up for real, then I beg you, leave me alone. What I’ve done, it’s called stalking.”.

Lacrim warns Jazz and Laurent

Today, it is the turn of the rapper Lacrim to address them. Also in Dubai, the rapper lashed out at a couple of reality tv on Snapchat : “Starts with me break the c***** there are these influencers of my two. Dubai not Dubai scams that are not scams, your clashes of trust you make too much noise… I’m going to start putting me on you. “ But what is he speaking about ?

Too bad buzz for the JLC Family to Dubai ?

For several weeks, the couple never ceases to make him talk, and not necessarily well. According to rumors, he might even get kicked out because of his problems with the government of the United Arab Emirates, that they disappointed, before you confirm wanting to move. In addition, they risk paying a big fine after supposedly made false advertising on Instagram.

As Lacrim is close to Baby Driver, with which the “JLC Family” is blurry… This is not all : recently, it is the dissemination of a video showing Jazz in the process of putting a slap on Laurent that caused a bad buzz. In short, it starts to make a lot, and it would seem that the interpreter of “Never Personal” is tired of all this “noise” !

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