Ladies ‘ sports hat VS cap: what ladies choose this summer

Summer is near – select women’s hats

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Дамская шляпа VS спортивная кепка: что модницы выбирают этим летом

Women’s hats for summer

Hot sun, gentle breeze – summer is a busy different forms of weather. Resting on the sea or walking through open countryside (in a Park or on a picnic), our head requires protection against all fashion trends. When it comes to our health, the question of style itself disappears.

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But, not to worry! And in this case the designers have taken care of the appearance of fashion, offering stylish options of headwear.

So what headwear to choose for spring/summer 2019 – lady’s hat or a sports cap?

Before you purchase summer hat, decide where you’ll wear it. For a seaside holiday it is better to choose a straw hat with a wide brim, ensure that the hair is protected from fading. And here is for the publication is more suitable for ladies ‘ hats with decorations – bows, sequins or, like the Queen of England Elizabeth II with flowers and veil.

For women, far from the classical style, and who do not have the opportunity to attend dinner parties, designers offer cool blazers and sports caps. Such hats are used for outdoor walks and everyday life in General.

Pay attention to the material!

No matter how beautiful the cap or hat was not, do not succumb to emotions and remember, the hottest period. You should feel the comfort, and the scalp to breathe. Therefore, when choosing a summer headdress focus on natural materials – straw and cotton.

As for color – the brighter, the better! Don’t be afraid of colored spots in your image, even if it’s just a cap with jeans. In 2019 the actual acid tones that look good in the performance of a sports blazer.

Today.Lifestyle made a selection of stylish hats for spring/summer 2019.

Denim cap, letefoho: PinterestЛетняя cap made of natural fabrics – lafoto: PinterestДамская hat with a huge brim for summer/spring 2019Фото: PinterestЖенская cap brown with Simmerath: PinterestАжурная hat for the summer for jensenphoto: PinterestСоломенная hat with label and yellow lentite: PinterestЖелтая sports cap with the name of brendafohio: PinterestСоломенная hat with pantone black lentite: PinterestШляпа-Fedora with floral printempo: PinterestШляпа with huge fields in garofoli: PinterestБелая fabric hat with satin lentite: PinterestСоломенная hat with flowers: choosing headgear for latogato: PinterestТемно blue cap from the small, valuevote: PinterestСоломенная hat with a high base, golovita: PinterestЖенская straw hat with the name of brendafohio: Pinterest1/15

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