Lady and the Tramp : a song racist removed from the remake in live-action on Disney+

La Belle et le Clochard : une chanson raciste supprimée du remake en live action sur Disney+

Lady and the Tramp : a song racist removed from the remake in live-action on Disney+

Who said that the remakes in live action animation films, cult Disney did nothing ? As have noticed subscribers of Disney+, that of The lady and the Tramp was allowed to remove a song racist in the work of 1955.

A remake for The lady and the Tramp

Disney+ don lands not before march 31, 2020 in France, but the platform SVOD Disney – intended to compete with Netflix and Prime Video, is already open in the US since Tuesday, 12 November. A exclusivity, which allows the first subscriber to be able to discover before everyone The Mandalorian – the first series in live-action end of the Star Wars universe, but also the remake of lady and The Tramp.

Indeed, in order to convince the public to subscribe to Disney – accustomed to remaker all of its animated films, cult cinema, and has this time chosen to focus this new film focused (in VO) by the voice of Justin Theroux (The Leftovers) and Tessa Thompson (Thor, Ragnarok) for its streaming platform. However, as they noticed the fans more impatient, this new version is not quite identical to the original film.

A song removed

If on the other hand, Dumbo totally rewritten, the film follows the same story and setting as that of 1955, a song specific has, however, been removed. Which ? That of the wicked siamese cats when they try to do it from the Lady of the house by accusing him of many things. A choice that was ultimately not surprising, given that this has long been regarded as one of the most racist of the catalog of Disney. Yes, in addition to focus that limit which seemed to mock asian people (in VO), the cats in question, which obviously had the wrong role, were physically represented with all the shots possible, just like the music…

A change which was expected and which makes the happiness of the players. The mic of Yahoo, Justin Theroux (Tramp) said : “This film has obviously done a great job of rewriting it and I think this is a real breakthrough. These are films that are made to be watched and appreciated and it is cool to see them be handed over to the taste of the day and the time in different ways“, while Tessa Thompson (Lady) said : “This is the great advantage of seeing these films with a more modern vision“.

For the anecdote, the characters are well present in the film, but not in the form of a siamese.

Lady and the tramp : the song of the siamese cats removed

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