Lady Gaga hit wrath in the network because of Cooper and Shake

Fans of Irina Shayk hounded the singer after the news about the move Gaga for Cooper

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На Леди Гагу обрушился гнев в сети из-за Купера и Шейк

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

Fans of Irina Shayk made fun of Lady Gaga in the network after rumors about the move the singer to Bradley Cooper. In Gaga’s Intagram users began to write angry comments, accusing the actress that it became the reason for the gap of Cooper and Shake.

Watch the video about how make up Lady Gaga and Madonna:

Thus, Russian users of Instagram literally attacked the profile of Lady Gaga. In comments under a photo of her fans Shake called the star of the other woman and leave her ambiguous wishes. “Gaga, I hope you have Buzovoy the opening act sang!”, “Gaga, we thought you were normal, you Shallalooow”, “How are you going to sleep, when the Russians you will bring damage for what you did.”

Note that Lady Gaga does not respond to comments of Russian users of Instagram, and the comments under her posts remain open.

Irina Shayk, who gave a Frank interview after the break with Bradley Cooper, also commented on the situation.

Yesterday Lady Gaga was very sharply answered the question fan about her affair with Bradley Cooper. “And another thing. Be kind or go to Hu*” – angrily replied Gaga as just before to sing the song “Shallow” is the soundtrack to the film “a Star is born” in which they Cooper played a loving couple.

Previously, the former wife of Bradley Cooper called it cunning and cocky.

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