Lady in red: Elena Zelensky came out in a dress-embroidery

The first lady of Ukraine has overshadowed the beauty of the elegant outfit

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Леди в красном: Елена Зеленская вышла в свет в платье-вышиванке

Elena Zelensky

The first lady of Ukraine Elena Zelensky, who recently took the Israeli guests at the luxurious white attire, on the occasion of the national day dressed in traditional dress – embroidered dress to the floor.

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For the next release, along with her husband – President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky – Olena bet on luxurious embroidered deep red hue – the color of love.

Published in Instagram photo of the President, first lady Elena Zelensky captured during a walk at Metropolitan Park. Their traditional way Elena made simple pumps ludowego shade.

As for hair and makeup wife Zelensky adheres to their preferences – neatly styled hair and minimal makeup. Note that the wardrobe of the first lady of Ukraine has an elegant and classic outfits that she always complements the miniature ornaments.

Previously, we also showed, in any outfits Elena Zelensky appeared in Brussels.

We will remind, Vladimir and Elena Zelensky congratulated his daughter to Alexander happy birthday and showed her the photo.

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