Laima Vaikule: “I would like that men always shake hands”

The singer turned to modern women

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Лайма Вайкуле: "Я бы хотела, чтобы мужчины всегда подавали руку"

Singer Laima Vaikule

Recently Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie in an essay for Elle magazine appealed to women to be more rigid, to follow their dreams and achieve their goals. She also noted that the world needs “angry women”, ready to risk their lives in the fight against injustice and violence.

We asked the famous singer Lima Vajkule, whether it agrees with Angelina Jolie, and with what request she would like addressed to the modern women.

“Dear women, you can achieve anything, do not have to become tough. Very cute and feminine, speaking of compliments, you can achieve much more than a blow with a fist on the table. It’s not feminine. And I believe that we need to be very careful with defending the rights and all the rest. You need to do it, of course. I agree. But, God forbid, to reach that you to come man will have to fear,” said lime.

Exclusive interview with Laima Vaikule

“We are strong and we, of course, stronger men, but they don’t need to talk about it. Let them think that they are stronger. It is beneficial to us. Don’t forget that we’re women. And I wish a man would put his hand to her kiss, to flirt, to make it interesting to flirt with someone. This is not to lose,” – said the scientist.

Earlier Laima Vaikule told what question he hates the most.

We will remind, Laima Vaikule arrived in Ukraine for the first time to organize the festival LAIMA RENDEZVOUS in Odessa, which will be held from 8 to 10 August in the Seaport.

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