Lamborghini has revealed a new coupe for 220 thousand euros

Lamborghini показала новое купе за 220 тысяч евро

The power capacity of the car is 640 horsepower.

Soft roof is supplied with motor. It folds or unfolds in 17 seconds. These actions can be performed at speeds up to 50 kilometers per hour, reports the with reference for car Enthusiasts.

The opportunity to open the back window. This allows to obtain more fresh air with the roof closed, you can better hear the V10 engine.

A 5.2-liter unit produces 640 horsepower. Spyder, according to the “24 Channel”, accelerates to a hundred in 3.1 seconds. Dial machine maximum per hour is capable of 325 kilometers.

220 thousand euros – the price of the car in Italy.


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