Landslide: a man escapes death

Érocking: man escapes death


A 40-year-old California man narrowly escaped death last week after a rock ripped through the roof of his vehicle just minutes after he got out thanks to a call from his spouse. 

“This call saved my life,” Maurice Henao told the Washington Post.

The Californian, who used to spend a few minutes in his car looking at his messages before entering his home, yet had just got out of his vehicle, grumbling, after a call from his wife asking him to bring her bag that she had forgotten at home.

< p>It was then that a large boulder collapse destroyed the driver's side of his vehicle, parked along the Pacific Coast Freeway in California, where he had been standing moments earlier.

< p>But this incident is just one of many in California where landslides have been more recent in recent weeks due to heavy rains and flooding, contributing to the closure of several roads as well as the deaths of some of the 20 storm-related fatalities.

“We have rocks falling all the time because it is a canyon area , said Sergeant Christopher Soderlund of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department to the American media. The rain is making the situation worse.”

For his part, Henao said he still had goosebumps at the idea that his wife hadn't called her that day.

< p>“A car is replaceable, but my life is not”, he concluded.