Large Kim Kardashian surprised fans loving family photo

Многодетная Ким Кардашьян удивила поклонников нежным семейным фото

Kim Kardashian, 24 Channel

today, 05:45

Famous American TV star Kim Kardashian became famous for the filming of the family reality show, and gathered an audience of millions in his Instagram, which is often bright happy moments in his life. Kim socialite and model is famous for its spicy photo shoots, which of course is shared with fans. But this time the beauty is quite modest Christmas photo with the family.

As can be seen, in front of the camera appeared the family Kardashian-West in full force here, Kim and her husband Kanye and their four beautiful children. Thus, no trees, no other new year and Christmas decorations on the photos there, all the family members neutral grey white sports outfits. The model and her husband, rapper holding the hands of two younger children, and next to them two elders, and all the cute smile at the camera. In the caption to the photo Kardashian wrote: “Family Christmas card West 2019”. Fans love the new photos of the star and covered her with compliments in the comments.

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Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote Kim Kardashian in short dress and lay down in front of the photographer.

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