Large leak of it at chartered professional Accountants

Importante fuite informatique chez Comptables professionnels agréés

Chartered professional accountants of Canada (CPA Canada) has been the victim of a computer attack that affects more than 329,000 people.

The organization that represents accounting in the country said on Thursday that a cyber attack against its web site allowed hackers to obtain personal information that it holds.

“We have taken on-the-field efforts to contain the incident, secure our systems, an in-depth analysis to establish who had been touched, and then notify the persons concerned of the situation,” said Joy Thomas, president and ceo of CPA Canada, by press release.

Saying regret this incident, she did not say when the attack took place. She stated that 329 000 people affected are members of the organization and other stakeholders.

“The information affected are primarily related to the distribution lists of the magazine of CPA Canada and include personal information such as name, address, e-mail addresses and the name of the employer. When passwords and numbers, complete credit card have been covered, they were all protected by encryption,” said CPA Canada.

Some people have already been contacted, just as the anti-fraud Centre of Canada and to certain bodies for the protection of privacy.

CPA is concerned, however, that the information obtained by the hackers use it to phishing attempts on the internet.

The organization said that the web sites of its partners in the provinces are not in question, since they are independently managed. This is the case of the Ordre des CPA du Québec The Ordre des CPA du Québec has not been targeted by this cyber attack. There is no computer link or technological facilities of CPA Canada and those of the Ordre des CPA du Québec”, she stated through a press.

However, the quebec organization said that some information about the members of the Order such as name, sex, year of birth, or the e-mail is sent to CPA Canada on a regular basis. Recent data have, therefore, may be made the subject of a leak.

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