Larry : words too raw ? “I’ll take care of you ambiancer, your parents, your education” (ITW)

Larry : words too raw ? “I’ll take care of you ambiancer, your parents, your education” (ITW)

To celebrate the release of the “White City”, his first Mixtape, Larry granted an interview with Purebreak. The opportunity for the interpreter to ‘Woin Woin’ and ‘Bag’ to go back on his first steps in the world of rap, his lyrics sometimes flood or on his ambition and his desires of featuring.

An unexpected success, but not a chance

The 31 January last, Larry – young rapper from Strasbourg, has unveiled the White City, his first mixtape driven by titles such as Woin Woin (featuring RK) or even Satchel and Cocaïna. A very important first step in his career, that he savored fully.

Yet, he entrusts it to us in an exclusive interview, this success, he has not really seen it coming : “You ever expected, it came all of a sudden.” On the contrary, everything he has always wanted to do, it’s music without ever taking the head : “I do its because I love the sound. I likes it, I like the fact of creation. Do new things, do not have the same flow…” After all, the rap and the hatch are his second nature : “I was writing all the time freestyle, even in primary school. I always thinks the atmosphere of the battles.

“I’ll take care of you ambiancer”

However, if the rapper is serious about its music, don’t expect him to play a role that is not hers just to get a good image. When asked about his lyrics sometimes flooding, particularly against women, as Larry rightly reminds us : “Must not be paying attention to what I say. Me it is of the trap. Atmosphere you on my sounds, after the education of children, it is up to the parents.”

And in order to convince the world that its securities are not intended to educate anyone, he said with humor : “I since childhood I listen to rap, but I am not become a robber of banks. Are your parents involved in your education, I will take care of you ambiancer.”

A rapper surrounded by the

It should be noted that Larry admits no complex be a rapper very family. Where some people like to construct an image of the “selfmade” and play it solo, he does not hesitate to put forward his or her family to the origin of its success : “I am protected from crazy. My mother takes care of the papers, my father is my manager. They are aware of everything, they manage a bit of everything, they know what is happening. And even for me, it is more reassuring, it is square.

Exclusive Interview. Do not resume without mentioning Purebreak.

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