“Last call” at midnight!

«Last call» à minuit!

As of Friday at midnight, bars can not serve alcohol and will have to close at 1am in the morning to reduce the risk of seeing new outbreaks of coronavirus in Quebec, announced by the minister of Health, Christian Dubé, Thursday.

The bars will need to first of all stop selling alcohol at midnight, and the customers must have left the premises before 1am.

“We see a bit everywhere in the world, especially in the United States, that bars are places that are conducive to the spread, and it is true that we have seen in several places, here, in Quebec. So I decided to take measures to prevent outbreaks. It is a difficult compromise, but acceptable,” explained the minister of Health, during a press conference with the national director of public health, Dr. Horacio Arruda.

The number of cases in Quebec is on the rise, while it identified 137 Thursday, compared to 82 Wednesday. In the Face of new outbreaks occurring in particular at the Mile Public House, a bar in Brossard, Québec has chosen to tighten the regulations surrounding the opening of the bars to prevent the situation in the province is no longer skidding.

The new minister of Health had already warned the owners of bars did not comply with the rules, that sanctions would be put in place so that no overflow will not occur again.

Measures and discontent

Not to confine this industry, Christian Dubé has taken three new measures. It is therefore now impossible to order alcohol in a bar past midnight.

Clients must also be forced to leave those institutions before 1 am. And keepers can now accommodate only 50% of their capacity, as well as in restaurants, in order to better enforce the two meters of social distancing.

Clients must still be forced to remain seated to consume and are forbidden to dance.

Peter Sergakis, the owner of several schools and president of the Union of the tenants of the bars of Quebec, believes that these new measures will ensure the death of several bars.

For Peter Sergakis, the owner of several schools and president of the Union of the tenants of the bars of Quebec, “the government is only moving the problem” and what are the bar owners that suffer the consequences.

Because if the bars cannot serve alcohol after midnight, restaurants with a liquor license, they can.

According to Mr. Sergakis, many institutions will not survive these measures.

“Close to three hours earlier than usual, death is quick for many of the bars!” he exclaimed.

  • Listen to the interview of the president of the Union of the tenants of the bars of Quebec Peter Sergakis with Jean-François Baril at QUB Radio:


Despite these new restrictions, the minister of Health has confirmed that no financial support will be granted to help the bar owners.

  • LISTEN to the interview of Éric Lefrançois, spokesperson and co-founder of the association of the bar of Quebec, with Vincent Dessureault at QUB radio:

Register of clients

To assist the owners in enforcing these new measures, a greater police presence will also be deployed near high-traffic areas. Inspectors of the standards Commission, equity, health and safety in the workplace (CNESST) will also be sent in the bars to check that the rules are respected.

The government also asks the keepers to keep a register, in order to quickly contact customers in the event of an outbreak.

Satisfied customers

May-Lee Caya and Elizabeth Dubé are happy to be able to take advantage of the bars and of the terraces, in spite of the sanitary measures.

Many customers of the bars in the greater Montreal area have received positively the announcement of the tightening of sanitary measures for the bars.

“I think it’s reasonable. Bars and terraces, it was already supposed to be cancelled this summer. It is a bonus that it is a. It does not diminish the fun at all, even if it closes at midnight”, think May-Lee Caya, met her at the resto-pub Balthazar in the quartier DIX30 with his girlfriend Elizabeth Dubé.

The idea of having to enter his name and phone number in a registry is also making its way.

“It doesn’t bother me, even as I would like to know better if there was an outbreak. It may be that young people think less of it, but my mother is older. She might die of it,” says Daniel Bujold, crossed on the terrace of the Restaurant ZIBO! in the quartier DIX30.

Jeno Kenderessy, a regular customer of the Small 26, on Jarry street, Montreal, abounds in the same direction. “Give my phone number or my name? No problem! ” lance-t-il.

About a dozen people interviewed, all were in agreement with the measure of the government to close early in order to avoid overflows.

– Maude Ouellet Journal de Montreal and Guillaume Cyr, QMI Agency

The late night clubs?

«Last call» à minuit!

Emily Amyot

The bars closed at midnight as well as the prohibition of dance is a disaster for clubs. Emily Amyot, owner of the Ping Pong Club and the nightclub Ms. Lee on Ontario, will not Mrs. Lee.

“You’re going to a club to dance, to be glued and stand “, she said, mentioning the lack of furniture to seat everyone. These measures are likely to cause a change of vocation of Ms. Lee.

“You can’t outrun the world. You can’t dance to the world, it has no seats, and in addition, it closes at midnight. All the clubs will not be able to reopen,” she said, thinking of the future reserved to the night clubs.

Same goes for Peter Sergakis, the owner of several schools and president of the Union of the tenants of bars in Quebec.

“We have four clubs in the Sky and our customers, she goes to midnight! We open at 22h and our customers arrive at midnight. I have 10 clients up to midnight, after that it goes. But there, we can be more open after midnight! Then one does what? It is sure that there are many institutions who are going to die!” said he.

– Alex Proteau, QMI Agency and Clara Loiseau, Journal de Montréal

Need a dose of love

The co-owner of La P’tite grenouille and the Pool Bar The infidel to Trois-Rivières, Alexandre Brouillette.

A co-owner of two bars in Trois-Rivières, the 30-year-old father twice, begins to fear for the future of its business.

Alexander Brouillette, co-owner of la P’tite grenouille and the Pool Bar, The infidel, has welcomed the measures announced by the government as a cold shower, on top of an already difficult time.

“It’s been 4 years that I work very hard in my institutions to make them profitable, and there I see my company collapse quietly because of others who do not comply with the rules. It is difficult,” he says.

Normally, the customers begin to arrive around 23h, and the bulk of his sales are between 23: 30 and 2 o’clock in the morning. All he can wish, is that people show up earlier.

“A dose of love, that is all that can save us. If the world does not present itself, it will eventually close,” he said.

– Amélie St-Yves, special collaboration

“We will respect the rules”

The manager of the craft brewery La Korrigane, Frederick Boudreau.

Barely opened for two weeks, some institutions have not had the time to enjoy some good summer evenings before being forced by the government. This is the case in the craft brewery La Korrigane, on the rue Saint-Joseph, Québec city.

The summer passes quickly and the season of the terraces does not last long. Despite the disappointment, the co-owner Guillaume Carpentier has no intention to disobey the new guidelines, on the contrary.

“We have complied with the rules for reopening and we will comply with the new measures. It is also to be understood that one was the first to close, the last to reopen, and the first to restrict still “, he explained, conscious of the enormous difficulties of the industry.

According to the bartender, it will require the cooperation of all clients and police officers, to avoid problems of management in the late evening.

– Jean-François Racine

As to the hospital

The owner of the bar Le Campus, Rimouski, Luc Pichette, would have preferred the government to hit against the bars recalcitrant rather than imposing the same measures to all the world.

It is a pity to pay for the other, while its bar has a capacity of 160 seats is limited already at 50 clients, it respects all the rules, and that there have been only a few dozens of cases of COVID-19 in the Bas-Saint-Laurent.

At least, he has no difficulties in managing its used and will continue to comply with the rules. He is also ready to keep a register.

“There, you go back and there are plenty of signs. It seems almost that you get more in a hospital when in a bar. But at least, people understand,” he says.

– Amélie St-Yves, special collaboration


The owner of the Liverpool Sherbrooke, Annie Faucher, deplores the attitude of the public health against the bars.

“I think we infantilise keepers instead of empower and we extend that to all the tenants. It is sure that one is sad. It is already difficult and there is debate as devils in holy water”, she says.

She says that she will keep the smile, but had the impression that the government is not always clear. To 15h Thursday, she was still waiting to know what should be entered in the registry of clients.

– Amélie St-Yves, special collaboration


What they have said

Gaétan Dion, bartender for 21 years at Taverne Jos Dion, in Quebec, is disappointed for the closing at midnight, imposed by the government.

“It is not happy. It has been closed for three months, and this is another sword in the back. “— Gaétan Dion, bartender at taverne Jos Dion

Mathieu Castilloux

“Everyone is going to pay for a few individuals. In the Lac-Saint-Jean, to Baie-Comeau or in the Gaspé peninsula. At Costco, Canadian Tire or in the grocery store, the distance is not better. We attack with full force. It is a dark day and sad. “— Mathieu Castilloux, owner of the Taverne Jos Dion

Richard Poulin

“There is nothing funny. The bars and the boxing, I don’t know if they put it all together, thinking that we are all bandits. I had a bar that went the fort, and there, I have a dozen clients. I don’t take more wage and I make the move. The red zone is in Montreal. Why are we punished in Québec city and elsewhere ? “— Richard Poulin, owner of the Bar Sport Vegas

Simon Dunn

“They have played their card. They have raised the doubt that they were going to close us out completely. By telling us : “you close at midnight”, it is best to close it completely. But for some places, close to midnight, it means to completely close. “ — Simon Dunn, owner of the bar La Drinkerie Ste-Cunégonde, located on the rue Notre-Dame in Montreal.


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