Last chance for life Dmitry Komarov raises funds for a serious operation baby

Последний шанс на жизнь: Дмитрий Комаров собирает средства на тяжелую операцию малышу

today, 07:46

The main traveler of the country, Dmitry Komarov will not only relieve the exciting new releases of the program “the World inside out”, but saves lives through its charitable project #Casecode.

The essence of the project #Casecode is that anyone who can refuse a Cup of coffee and give the money to charity. #Casecode is a unique project, there are no administrative expenses and all money collected goes directly to the parents of seriously ill children.
Dmitry Komarov acts as a guarantee that all funds will be used for the purpose. He personally meets with each child, his family and watching her recovery. The project was joined by other stars of the Ukrainian show-business. The soloist of group “Time and Glass” Nadia Dorofeeva actively popularitywith the project and helps to raise funds for the wards #Calcicole through their social. network.

recently released new post with a new story:

Checked Urgent collection. Today in @bookimed_com came the final answer, how to solve the problem of David Amirov, who this Saturday marks 2 years. We @nadyadorofeeva met him in the fall, but there was no treatment options. The family is originally from the Donetsk region after the discovery of a rare disease moved to Kiev. The Proteus Syndrome. This is a rare genetic disorder is just not identified over two hundred cases since the first description in 1979. The disease causes rapid growth of muscles, bones and skin in various parts of the body, disproportionately, is accompanied by the emergence and growth of tumors, increases the risk of cancer. Behind the scenes is called “gigantism”. Advanced forms of this disease can make a person weight more than 200 kg. the Main thing urgently to stop the growth of tumors. That with the child something not so, became clear after the birth, when the face is deformed. Numerous consultations specific results not given – suggested or observe, or to amputate part of the foot (foot is constantly growing). The parents refused and in the fall when I briefly flew in from China, we met. Unfortunately, to date, the disease is completely incurable. But to save the guy. How? 1) to Monitor the appearance of new tumors at an early stage. 2) by a Surgical procedure to correct defects and remove excess tissue from the face and legs of the boy. Then David will be able to wear shoes, his face will not be the subject of ridicule. Clinic in Istanbul Liv Hospital agreed to take the boy and have divided the treatment into several stages. All operations of 87 000 Euro. The mother of David not working. Father is a taxi driver. There is no money. This Saturday, January 25, David turns 2 years. Let the whole family #casecode make him a gift – life! Full. Happy. It’s just – once-in a café a Cup of coffee, bottle of soda or beer, a chocolate bar, to abandon unnecessary detail. And if one in ten will respond, has all the chances to make it to that birthday. Welcome will definitely be back! written in the article

The details he points out at the end of each post. he is convinced that the world is not without kind people, and together we can save the boy’s life.


Последний шанс на жизнь: Дмитрий Комаров собирает средства на тяжелую операцию малышу

Последний шанс на жизнь: Дмитрий Комаров собирает средства на тяжелую операцию малышу

We will remind, earlier Dmitry Komarov returned from a lengthy expedition to China and ready to amaze, to surprise and shock the audience with new releases of the program “the World inside out”. Premiere of the new season of the travel show will be held on 29 January on channel “1+1” at 22:45.

As reported by the portal “Know.ia” Dmitry Komarov declassified, where he passed his next expedition and what country will be discussed in the biggest season of the “World inside out”.

Tacitly.Eeyore” wrote that the new 11th season of the program will be devoted to China, which is the most populated country in the world

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