Last Christmas : “I thought that Emilia Clarke would be very serious and not funny” says Paul Feig

Last Christmas : "Je pensais qu'Emilia Clarke serait très sérieuse et pas drôle" avoue Paul Feig

Last Christmas : Paul Feig in interview for the release of the film

It is already Christmas at the movies!! A little less than a month before the Holidays, you can discover from this Wednesday, November 27, the film Last Christmas with Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding. PRBK has met with director Paul Feig, known to have directed My best friends, or even The Shade of Emily. He talks about his collaboration with the star of Game of Thrones, George Michael and the filming.

Six months after the end of Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke is back but the movies this time ! The interpreter of Daenerys is the star of Last Christmas in which she gives the reply to Henry Golding (seen in Crazy Rich Asians). Inspired by the worship song of George Michael, the film immerses us in the daily life of Kate, a sales clerk in a Christmas store, and a little clueless since she underwent major surgery. His meeting with Tom will change everything… last month, PRBK was able to meet with director Paul Feig during his visit to Paris. In addition to we talk about the rumors of the return of Freaks and Geeks and The Office, he also spoke with us about his al

Purebreak : How did you come about the project Last Christmas ?

Paul Feig : I loved the scenario. I thought that it was really a story honestly told in an interesting way. It is very moving but at the same time, there is space for a little bit of comedy. It is a film that is very human, and contains themes that are very important. And then the action takes place in London and I’ve always wanted to work there. But there is also the idea of collaborating with Emma Thompson as a producer and screenwriter who has convinced me.

I thought that Emilia would be very serious and not funny

Have you seen Game of Thrones before choosing Emilia Clarke ? What made you want to work with it ?

I was a big fan of Game of Thrones and Emilia Clarke. Four years ago, she was in a play on Broadway and has received very good reviews. I told myself that I needed the meeting because I did not know to hand in Game of Thrones. I didn’t really know what to expect. I thought that it would be very serious and not funny at all (laughter). When she arrived, she was very funny, full of life. I was very surprised. I told myself that it was necessary that the public live also this, that he is surprised by Emilia. When I read the script of Last Christmas, I knew that it was the role he needed to amaze people.

Last Christmas : "Je pensais qu'Emilia Clarke serait très sérieuse et pas drôle" avoue Paul Feig

Emilia Clarke in Last Christmas

How did you obtain the rights to songs by George Michael and Wham! ?

George Michael was aware of the film project since it’s been 8 years since this project began, 8 years ago that Emma Thompson was working on it. She was well acquainted with George so she spoke, told him what she wanted to do. He loved the idea, and it is even him who brought up the idea of talking to homeless people because it is a cause close to her heart. The people around her were aware. They have always been open to the idea of including the songs in the film because they knew that George Michael had approved the project. After that, I began to add more and more songs as. I didn’t want to they are just there. In a sense, I wanted the characters interact with these songs. It is for this reason that at the beginning of the movie, there is a Heal the pain sung by church choirs and later, Tom and Kate sing. There was also Last Christmas , of course, that Emilia Clarke sings at the end. In post-production, I added it because I said to myself : “I need a song here“. The songs of George are so beautiful and portray a lot of emotions.

What has been the most complicated part of the filming of Last Christmas ?

Turn to London, this is not easy. For places where I wanted to shoot, it is very difficult to obtain permits. We had to turn in the middle of the night, we could not use lights because it should not be cluttering the streets. It was difficult but at the same time, it made the experience very nice since we used a lot of lights natural. We shot it during the three weeks preceding Christmas so there was the sublime illuminations. A lot of the scenes are lit that way.

I love working with talented women

You put the women up front in your films. Why are the actresses you are interested in more than the actors ?

I love working with talented women and I love telling stories about interesting women. The female characters of these last decades were very smooth, which was not the case in the years 30 or 40. At the time, women were at the same level as men in the movies. I know a lot of actresses that I love and with whom I wanted to work. In fact, it really is the only thing that I was interested in. I grew up seeing stories about of men, it is very good but I want to tell stories about women.

Is there a genre of movies that you want to explore in the future ?

I would love to do a musical, really old school, a big production. This is one of my goals. I would also love to make a science fiction film. My next movie will surely be a monster movie in the tradition of the genre, as with Frankenstein or Dracula. I love all genres of movies. If I can continue mixing all the genres up to the end of my career, I would be very happy.

Interview by Aubéry Mallet. Exclusive content. Not to mention, without mentioning PRBK.

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