Last day of “95 Quarter”: that will be without Zelensky

Последний день существования "Квартала 95": что будет без Зеленского

In Ukraine, presidential elections were held. According to the national exit poll Vladimir Zelensky joined at 73.2% of the vote, the CEC has processed 90% of protocols, so it can be argued that Zelensky is future President of the country. Previously, he was the head of the Studio “Kvartal 95”, which will cease to exist in the usual format.

Such an opinion in his blog expressed by the journalist Anton pavlushko.

He said if Zelensky win the election, then he will have also to pass their projects in some blind trust. All the jokes the Studio has created one of the main actor Vladimir Zelensky. However, after his victory in the presidential elections, the next step will be reflected on the work of comedians. There would no longer be very funny. The ratings will fall, every joke they will be to blame.

Последний день существования "Квартала 95": что будет без Зеленского

Quarter 95

According to the journalist, if Zelensky lost the election, he would also not be able to return to the stage. That is why, perhaps, one of the reasons why the elections did not go Svyatoslav Vakarchuk was the fate of his band “Okean Elzy”, which practically ended its existence with the first major output Vakarchuk in politics. So we and then there is “Okean Elzy”, but there is no “95th quarter”.

Последний день существования "Квартала 95": что будет без Зеленского

Studio “Kvartal 95”

However, it is worth noting that the Studio “Quarter-95” has written a concert without the participation of Vladimir Zelensky. This was announced by the representative of the Studio and staff Zelensky Artem Gagarin. According to him a Concerto written without a frontman Vladimir Zelensky will take place on 5 may. Moreover Gagarin told how “kvartalova” will make fun of Vladimir Zelensky.

“It has been written concert and shooting may 5 without Zelensky. Life goes on. 95 if the quarter stops, who will joke about Zelensky? But I think that he will do everything to not give us any reason for such jokes,” said Gagarin.

Recall, Polyakova, Kravets and other celebrities congratulated Zelensky win: a new era begins.

As reported by “Know.ia”, just hours after the vote in the second round of presidential elections in Ukraine became aware of the fact that the interior Ministry will check for the presence of violations of the fact that Vladimir Zelensky allegedly showed the press who put a “tick” on the ballot.

Also “Know.Eeyore” wrote that Zelensky spoke about the new appointment of Poroshenko.


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