Last lines in the trial Johnny Depp against the “Sun”

Dernières répliques au procès Johnny Depp contre le «Sun»

London | The last day of three weeks of a trial, “pain”, which has turned into a big carton, the lawyer of Johnny Depp has used on Tuesday to defend the honor of the actor who continues the tabloid The Sun for the have qualified of abusive husband.

In the Face of the High Court in London, David Sherborne has étrillé article from April 2018, presenting it as a proven fact that the actor, 57-year-old has been violent towards his ex-wife, the american actress, Amber Heard, 34 years of age. The article leaves no room to neither “doubt” nor “error”, Johnny Depp would be guilty of violence, argued the lawyer. It is to bring down these “false accusations” that Johnny Depp has started the public trial “painful”.

After hearing the final arguments of the defense of Johnny Depp, judge Andrew Nicol will make his / her decision at a later date.

Dozens of fans of the star of Pirates of the Caribbean have lined up since early in the morning, in the hope of getting a glimpse of their idol or give her flowers or stuffed animals. Others came with signs calling for “Justice for Johnny” or proclaiming that “men also can be victims of violence within the couple.

At its entrance, screams echoed in the building.

During the three weeks of the trial, the life of the couple formed by Johnny Depp with Amber Heard has been exposed in the raw light of the High Court in London, even in its details, the more sordid stories. Johnny Depp has had a long explanation on his consumption of drugs and alcohol, his ex-wife defend infidelity with celebrities.

Word against word, of the protagonists of the witnesses, each remained camped on its positions.


The two ex-spouses had met on the set of Rum Express in 2011 before getting married in February 2015 in Los Angeles.

The couple had divorced with a bang in early 2017. The actress, 34-year-old was then referred to the “years” of abuse “physical and psychological”, accusations strongly challenged by Johnny Depp.

In the divorce proceedings, Amber Heard had withdrawn her complaint for violence, and Johnny Depp had paid him seven million dollars, that the actress had redistributed to associations.

Relying primarily on the statements of the actress, the Sun invokes 14 episodes of violence, all of which are disputed by Johnny Depp. The latter has recognized the abusive consumption of drugs and alcohol and accused in return of violence to the actress of The Danish Girl and Aquaman.

“I loved him and I didn’t want to lose that (…), his other face was that of a monster, but I always kept the hope that he désintoxiquerait,” said Amber Heard last week in court.

Support of Vanessa Paradis

On Monday, the lawyer of the newspaper has delivered a veritable broadside against the interpreter of Edward scissorhands. Sasha Wass has étrillé the excesses of the actor, “subject to mood swings, irrational” when he drank and consumed drugs.

No witness has witnessed the violence, she conceded, because by nature, the violence between spouses take place “behind closed doors”.

Amber Heard “loved” Johnny Depp, the beginnings of their relationship were “idyllic,” said Sasha Wass. But from march 2013, Johnny Depp has been caught up by his old demons.

“Johnny Depp knew that drugs and alcohol could turn into a monster,” said the lawyer.

For his part, the actor says that he never laid a hand on a woman, supported on this point by the written testimony of his ex-companions, Vanessa Paradis and Winona Ryder. He described Amber Heard as a calculator, narcissistic and sociopath conscious of wanting to destroy his life.

Rejecting accusations of infidelity, launched by the defense of Johnny Depp, with billionaire Elon Musk, or the actor James Franco, the actress has admitted to having hit a time her ex-husband, to defend her sister.

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