“Last minute”: an exhibition offers a sensory journey on the threshold of life

“Last minute: an exhibition offers a sensory journey on the threshold of life


Take off your shoes, enter a dark room with a plush carpet in small groups, make the space yours and prepare to embark on a journey beyond yourselves. This journey – plunging into what our last minute of existence might look like – is the fruit of the inner and sensory work of the French designer couple Adrien M & Claire B.  

Some of these experiences are lived more than they are described. Last minute, the new installation-experience offered at the PHI Centre, is one of them. It was after the death of Claire Bardainne's mother, which coincided with the birth of their son, that the artistic couple had the idea and the desire to put into images the whirlwind of emotions felt “during this moment when we pass from life to non-life”.  

A moving and inspiring task that gave birth to their most intimate work to date, finding its anchor in their own history.

Waves, starry skies, showers of stars and particles, a heart that beats and then goes out, traces like stardust following our steps, dazzling flashes, music as soft as a last breath, smoke rising like a soul, drumbeats, whirlwinds, drops of water making the balance of things dance, moments of great darkness and a lot of sweetness: the projections lining the room and moving on the ground as on the large central frame move and move.

Add to this the music composed by Olivier Mellano, the sounds and the moving images sometimes controlled by the spectators moving in the space (there you have to see the children having fun!) and this gives an immersive work that makes you think as much as it knows how to do good. A last minute which multiplies by thirty, as one stretches the time before being born… or leaving. 

“You are here in your place, explained Adrien Mondot, who wants to place people at the heart of its projects. You are there and it leaves a mark.”

The Last Minute exhibition can be visited at any time precise, in small groups of 20 people and without shoes. The experience lasts 30 minutes and is presented until March 5, 2023.