Last of Us Part II: the game that has most tested my psychological endurance

Last of Us Part II: le jeu qui a le plus testé mon endurance psychologique

A game must be fun? Because The Last of Us Part II, it was anything but a party of pleasure, and yet, it’s still an excellent game. But during my review, I spent weeks hanging out the heaviness of the game with me. It may be that the current global situation has also played a role. A game has never been so tested my psychological endurance. If it was the goal of Naughty Dog, mission accomplished.

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The highly anticipated sequel to the game The Last of Us is about to happen. Gamers patiently wait since 7 years now, and the development of Last of Us Part II has been anything but mild, especially recently. The studio Naughty Dog has been the target of leaks a major concern to the synopsis of the game earlier this year, and the woes didn’t stop there: the members of the team have had to close their comments sections on social media because of the trolls who enjoyed to spoiler the game to the other. The game has also been pushed back on several occasions. It is a launch quite heated.

I have not seen a single spoiler about The Last of Us Part II before putting the hand on the cassette. This is a spoiler I stumbled on it totally by accident while I was reading Google News on my phone; one author had put the information that has been leaked in the title. What a pickle. I don’t want you to do that, then this criticism will be largely without divulgâcheurs. Be aware, however, that I will make references to events which will be revealed in the trailers and broadcasts official. I’ll also talk about the first game, so go finish this masterpiece and get back to me.

Short synopsis without divulgâcheurs

Ellie is angry, and wants revenge. Regardless of the danger on the way, she has a clear objective in mind and it will destroy everything in its path to get there. I was expecting a nice story of revenge and great opportunities of gameplay to stealth. What I have: heart palpitations, nightmares and a huge psychological tiredness.

And then, did you liked it?

I anticipate for weeks, and this cursed question. Because, for the first time in my career, I am unable to answer a simple ” yes ” or ” no “. Both responses come with a lot of explanations, because The Last of Us Part II is the game that got me the most is to philosophize. Not just think, but really any question about the role of a video game and the storytelling.

When I say that I experienced a psychological tiredness with The Last of Us Part II, it may also be because I’ve played sessions of 7-8 hours without moving of the couch, as I played the first one. Part II is so draining emotionally that it is more enjoyed in short sessions.

Yes, it is a good game. No, I have not always liked it. But it takes nothing away from the game. The reasons why I haven’t always loved the experience of the game so that it is a success, according to me. It is mixing, but you’ll understand.

It is good for the moral! NOT.

Talk about the effects of the game on my mental state. I had a huge enthusiasm in the face of The Last of Us Part II, the first being one of my favorite games. The game is very familiar at the beginning and even gentle; you see a lot of moments of tenderness between characters who love each other. The threat of the infected is still very much present, but the world goes well.

But, there is a trigger that will make life a hell for Ellie, the main character. Finished the tenderness, she is now blinded by uncontrollable rage. And Naughty Dog will make you live every second of the hell out of Ellie.

The violent games, I love it. I am used to it. But, this is not only in the violent scenes that Last of Us Part II came to me to rush; it is as a whole. The game is so filled with hatred and rage as they soar across the screen. It’s a bit like the torture scene from GTA V lasted 20 hours instead of 5 minutes. This is the equivalent of a film by Lars Von Trier endless. We don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. I had to take numerous breaks because I was so tired of feeling like shit.

Ellie will meet with several of the clans dangerous in its mission, in addition to cruising the infected are more scary than ever. But the lesson that we learn, with Last of Us, it is that in a universe postapocalyptique, it is the humans that should be afraid.

The Last of Us Part II attempts, through all this darkness, making it clear to the player that Ellie and her opponents are all in the same boat. There are no good people; nor of people totally bad. These are people caught in an extreme situation. The game tries to make a lesson of empathy here, but ultimately, I find the exercise a bit futile. Unless you play completely in stealth mode, it goes through the game killing lots of people, why do you show the human side of only a few enemies?

One feels, throughout the game, that the mission of Ellie will lead simply to more hatred and anger. It is this lack of optimism that has so long weighed on my mental state; I was just exhausted. Rare are the times that I stop a game and say, ” OK, I am no longer able “. It seems dramatic, but it is also an excellent proof, according to me, that Neil Druckmann was able to build the game he wanted. To pick up a player in the depths of his soul, and he takes a whole game to be powerful throughout its history, the gameplay, the environment, the design, the scripting and the voice-acting.

The rage of Ellie is at the heart of Last of Us Part II; you feel stuck at the prom with Carrie White. It is an experience quite unique.

Ok but, the game. Talking about the game.

Side slots, the game brings excellent improvements, particularly at the level of the stealth mode. Ellie can now crawl in the grass, swim, hide under the water, and it can improve its listening mode with upgrades. She can also dodge attacks; a very useful in fighting against infected motivated. Master the dodge, it is a little like learning a new dance, but I strongly suggest you use it because your enemies are more predictable than in the first game.

You will be able to build your gameplay according to your preferences. Personally, I like to throw Molotov cocktails against the infected. In an enemy area, however, against wicked humans, I prefer to go there in stealth mode and cross the area without being detected. The diy is back too; you’ll be able to level your weapons and combat techniques.

The AI is clearly better, too. Your opponents are intelligent and will not forget you not as fast as before. They’ll pick you up, no matter where you are. Some also have dogs, that can follow your scent and put you in the lurch. These dogs are fairly paniquants: they follow you for a long time, and it is difficult to escape from.

The elements of the city of Seattle are awesome. The torrential rain, the kind that pierces every street dilapidated and the buildings completely demolished all make sure that the mission of Ellie is arduous and filled with obstacles. Apparently, Naughty Dog wanted players to explore these places. You will be well rewarded (in objects) if you decide to venture a little further than necessary. Sometimes, however, it will mean more fighting.

The path is also much less linear than the first game. In Seattle, one almost has the feeling of a small Open World. Even if the game guides you subtly to the right places, you can choose to visit some of the objectives without following the exact order. And sometimes, there is more than one way to get to the same place. This is a nice improvement from the first game, which was sometimes too strict and linear.

The sound design is excellent in Last of Us Part II. With headphones, I heard sometimes crapeau, or the sound of rain on a window. Naughty Dog put a lot of effort for the experience to be completely immersive and, thanks in part to its. But, in playing on the PS4, I was forced to wear headphones because the console was as much noise as a rocket. I think the experience would be much more enjoyable on a PlayStation 4 Pro.

I’ve encountered a few bugs that are very unpleasant, anyway. I hear in my headphones a sound of “click, click, click” during the first scenes of the game. After a few hours, it is gone. The horse also is sometimes really difficult to control especially when you want to play a little with the cameras. Same thing for the scales; not touch the camera, the game will get angry.

It is still important to note the many accessibility options for the game. The latter has been tested by non-visionaries with the sound enhancements; it is quite a feat. With my color blindness, I used a few features to improve my experience also. Visit the accessibility menu, that is really impressive.

Is what I recommend The Last of Us Part II?

Yes, just as I recommend Martyrs of 2008. Both of these suggestions come with a warning: expect a lot of discomfort. You have to be prepared; The Last of Us Part II has nothing of the soft. It is brutal, shocking and hard, and it is done deliberately. Even the quieter moments are haunted by a heaviness.

Each action takes time, and you can feel the fatigue, physical and psychological of the characters. Is this the kind of feeling we want while playing a game?

Despite the experience, the story remains compelling, and the gameplay, especially the stealth mode, remains solid.

The Last of Us Part II will not leave anyone indifferent. The game will be available June 19 on PlayStation 4.

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