Latvians were not allowed owners of the ice hockey world championship in the quarter-finals of the tournament (video)

Латыши не пустили хозяев чемпионата мира по хоккею в четвертьфинал турнира (видео)

On the world hockey championship continued in Denmark, decided the quarterfinalists of the tournament.

Team Sweden, beating Russia in the final match (3:1), and remained the only team that did not suffer defeats in the group stage (in one match the Scandinavians defeated the Slovaks in overtime).

The Swiss in the final round without any problems defeated France (5:1) and did not allow the Slovaks to the play-off tournament.

But Belarus, losing to Slovakia (4:7), became the second team after South Korea scored at the current world Cup any points. The difference washers in the wards of Sergei Pushkov, who succeeded at the helm of the team during championship canadian Dave Lewis, better than the Asians (8:36 vs 4:48), but our Northern neighbors certainly does not help.

Final standings (group a):

1. Sweden — 20 points;

2. Russia — 16;

3. Czech Republic — 15;

4. Switzerland — 12;

5. Slovakia — 11;

6. France — 6;

7. Austria — 4;

8. Belarus — 0.

The main intrigue before the final round was that someone from the group “b” will be the last quarter — the tournament host or Latvians. In the end, in a tense decisive match was the only goal, which was scored by Andris Jerins, who left the Danes behind the playoffs.

The Canadians in the final round, took revenge on Germany for the defeat in the semi-finals of the Olympic games in 2018, having won with the account 3:0, and sent the Germans home to watch the world Cup on TV.

And team Finland against the USA (6:2), ahead of the Americans in the standings and advanced to the playoffs from the first place.

Final standings (group b):

1. Finland — 16;

2. USA — 16 points;

3. Canada — 15;

4. Latvia — 13;

5. Denmark — 11;

6. Germany — 7;

7. Norway — 6;

8. South Korea — 0.

The best on the system “goal + pass” at the end of the group stage of steel Finn Sebastian Aho (9 goals + 8 assists) and American Patrick Kane (6 + 11).

Thursday, may 17, in the quarterfinals will play: Sweden — Latvia and USA — Czech Republic, Russia — Canada Finland — Switzerland.

at the world hockey championship.

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