Laugh a little… safe

Rire... en sécurité

Banned since mid-march, performances in front of audiences of 250 people with distancing are now possible since a few days. The Journal attended a performance of Mario Jean, in Saint-Sauveur where sanitary measures have not been taken lightly.

The Theatre of the pays d’en Haut, formerly known as the Chapiteau Saint-Sauveur, is one of the few rooms in Quebec to offer cultural programming this summer. After Laurent Paquin last month, it was the turn of Mario John to present his show, Go ahead, until 5 September.

The comedian, who made his first performance on 5 August, will perform for twenty nights in this room which can accommodate up to 216 people with the distanciations required by the public Health.

The washing of hands is mandatory for the public.

At our arrival, the spectators were patiently in the queue outside, all wearing the mask mandatory. After taking the temperature of every person, an attendant, pointing to the table where to move. It is once seated in our chair that we could remove our mask.

Each member of the audience is taking their temperature before entering the room.

At a distance of more than two metres from each other, each table with four chairs was split in two parts by a plexiglas. The couples were sitting in front of the other. This measure allowed as well to have the neighbouring table who do not live in the same household.

Pierre Legault, a producer at Theatre des pays d’en Haut, has complied with the measures required by the public Health.

It is the producer of the Theatre of the pays d’en Haut, Pierre Legault, who mentions to have had him-even this idea of plexiglass on the tables. “I’m going to approve all of it in Quebec city by the Health of the public and a committee of doctors,” he says.

As before… or almost

Once the lights shut down, you could almost forget the very particular context of the show. Mario John has made a few jokes about the situation before quickly going into his usual show.

The tables are spaced out and fitted with plexiglass.

“The first show, I had ten minutes on the containment and coronavirus, said the comedian to the Journal. But I realized pretty quickly that, even if the gags were good, the people did not want to talk about it. Of course, one must acknowledge the situation at the beginning and talk about “the elephant in the room”. But I have the impression that people need to laugh at something else. “

Mario Jean and Laurent Paquin have agreed to significantly reduce their stamp to play-in-residence at Saint-Sauveur this summer. “These are not shows hyper pay, but it is correct, recognizes Mario Jean. It has also reduced our expenses. It does not the scenery, one does not have a system of lighting, as usual. Here too, it is formula reduced. It is possible to arrive in the fee and that it can be a profitable for everyone “.

Le spectacle de Mario Jean, a duration of 90 minutes without intermission, has received a very nice reception of about 180 people who were present during the passage of the Journal, last week. The health measures were not binding, and they were made especially for the public to laugh in any security, an essential condition in the time of a pandemic.

“This is what I had as concern, says Mario Jean. It was necessary that the people feel safe with certain standards. I didn’t want to be an out-of-the-law, and that the people say : “Mario Jean fact shows no matter how”. “

► Mario Jean will present their show to Go ahead until the 5th of September at the Théâtre des pays d’en Haut, Saint-Sauveur. For details :

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