Launch of the book “Génération Canal Famille”

Launch of the book “Génération Canal Famille”


A whole generation has been marked by Canal Famille, the youth channel which has offered daring series such as “In a galaxy near you”, “Radio enfer” and “Télé-Pirate”. 

Youth programs like “Bibi et Geneviève”, “Les intrépides” and “Pin-Pon” were also launched on Canal Famille, born in 1988. Well-known actors who are still in the profession have taken their first classes there or have made a remarkable passage there, such as Michel Charette, François Chénier, Guy Jodoin, Claude Legault, Joël Legendre, Élyse Marquis and Sophie Prégent, to name a few.< /p>

To trace this rich history, Simon Portelance and Guy A. St Cyr offer the book “Génération Canal Famille”, published by Québec Amérique and whose launch took place on Monday evening in the presence of Jean-François Beaupré, Vincent Bolduc, Sophie Dansereau, Daniel Dõ, Guy Jodoin, Élyse Marquis, Yves Soutière and Gilbert Turp.

Abundantly Illustrated and containing several interviews, “Génération Canal Famille” is the genesis of the programs and will certainly take fans back to their childhood or adolescence.

Since January 2001, Canal Famille has been replaced by VRAK. TV.