Laura Affortit, candidate for the 6th constituency of Gard: “Support young farmers, support good practices and promote them”

Laura Affortit, candidate for the 6th constituency of Gard: “Support young farmers, support good practices and promote them”

Laura Affortit : “Le but est de produire local et abordable, pour que les Français puissent en profiter.” – Mikaël Anisset

Laura Affortit est candidate du Mouvement pour les animaux sur la 6e circonscription du Gard. 

You are a bit of a surprise in these elections. Why this application ?

We were coming out of the European elections, I was a candidate on Yann Werhling's list. It is important to take a slightly stronger position when you want to be heard. There is necessary progress in the animal cause and in the agricultural cause. In this district, there are many things to do.

You put respect for animal life at the heart of your concerns…

Animal life is part of a whole. We belong to the “All united for the living” coalition. All the parties in the coalition know how to work together, each with themes where they are competent.

You want to question the agricultural model ?

There are many things to do in terms of supporting animal welfare, particularly in our basin, maintaining the cattle  which is threatened. We must support young farmers, support good practices and promote them.

Farmers also face economic problems…

This is a theme that must be addressed on several levels. Apart from the cereal growers, farmers live quite simply and unfortunately quite poorly. Subsidies and the social reorganization of work must allow a fair balance, so that people can have access to healthy, French food at an acceptable price and improve the quality of life of farmers.

Many farmers are in great difficulty. I know a young person who had to sell his farm because he could no longer do it. We are asking too much of them and there is not enough to support the implementation of these difficult to meet requirements. The goal is to produce local and affordable, so that the French can benefit from it.

What sets you apart from the Greens?

We do not have the same priorities. We are more in the animal sphere. Our party is not against nuclear power. Electricity bills are major expenses for households. It’s a mistake to have wanted to go back. History, with the conflict in Ukraine, shows us this. We must learn from it.

Recently, you showed your emotion on the subject of retirements…

I know people, people who suffer, who have troubled life paths. What is being asked by the government is particularly unfair. Obviously, this is a heavy file. The citizens rose up against the reform with indignation, I can understand them, I was indignant myself. It’s the open door for it to always be a little more. Some have less peaceful routes than others. This enormously penalizes women, especially mothers who accompany children who have disorders or disabilities.

If you are not in the second round, will you be given voting instructions?

No, the French are sufficiently enlightened and intelligent.

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