Laure Calamy in a sunny comedy

Laure Calamy in a sunny comedy


PARIS | After further exploring dramatic acting in her most recent film roles, French actress Laure Calamy returns to comedy in Les Cyclades , a film shot under the Greek sun which also allowed him to reunite with Marc Fitoussi, one of the directors of the popular series Appelez mon agent.

“When Marc [Fitoussi] contacted me to tell me about this project, I had just made four films in which I played characters who were in troubled waters. So the idea of ​​being able to bounce back with a funnier and more fun role appealed to me straight away,” confided the 48-year-old actress, whom she met last January in Paris, as part of the Rendez-vous d' Unifrance. 

Seventh feature film by Marc Fitoussi (Maman a tort, Les Appearances), Les Cycladesrecount the reunion between Blandine (Olivia Côté) and Magalie (Laure Calamy), two former best friends who had not seen each other since their late teens. Opposite to each other, they will decide to go on a trip together that they once dreamed of, by going to visit Amorgos, the Greek island of the Cyclades where the film of their adolescence, The Great Blue. However, the two women will quickly discover that they have a very different approach to the holidays…

Mismatched duo 

« I had want to make a summer comedy, light, sunny and quite joyful, sums up Marc Fitoussi. 

“ This is a film in which I play with the codes of the buddy movie (these films featuring two characters opposite to each other), but reinventing them in a feminine way. These are two women who find themselves, somewhat by constraint, traveling together and who will learn to recognize each other and become inseparable. We still had to accept the dissonance. What was very nice is that with these two very talented actresses, I could even consider a burlesque duo. It was a pleasure to work with them. »

The Cyclades hits theaters this weekend.< /strong>