Laureate Grammy drugged and raped her, glaring details

Лауреатку Грэмми одурманили наркотиками и изнасиловали, вопиющие подробности

Singer Duffy, Instagram photos

today, 21:00

British singer Duffy has the courage to tell their biggest secret: some time in the past the girl was abducted, drugged, raped and held.

That is the story told by the performer of one of the journalists. Soon the light will be big and detailed report, in which the audience learns the details of the story and how the singer tries to recover. The corresponding message Duffy posted on his page in social network Instagram.

Лауреатку Грэмми одурманили наркотиками и изнасиловали, вопиющие подробности

Singer Duffy, photo Wikipedia

Singer Duffy, photo Wikipedia

Singer Duffy shot to zero, then, in 2009, she received the music award “Grammy”. His last successful Studio album “Endlessly” was released in 2010. After that it was shooting one film, then the star disappeared. It seems that this break in career is associated with the tragic event and the need to rehabilitate themselves after the experience.

“How can I sing from a heart that is broken?” commented on their emotional state Duffy.

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In his Instagram, the singer wrote a post in which he told that soon there will be a story about its history, and, in fact, for the first time indicated that she was a victim of rape. In addition, she wrote that she found the strength to speak, whereas before, a lot of days and months, she pondered on how to make this story public, but didn’t dare. The singer also admits that she realizes that she has a voice – in fact, its popularity has been high, the audience loved her – but the fear and desperation did not allow her to Express their emotions and talk about their condition.

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Earlier, a minor star of a network called the rape a “happy accident”.

As reported by the portal “Know.ia”, the adult film star has accused a popular singer in the harassment: “they Beat and tore the clothes.”

Also Know As.Eeyore” wrote the rape of Ronaldo: the star’s lawyer made a sensational statement

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