Laurent Paquin and the revelation of the series Schitt”s Creek

Laurent Paquin et la révélation de la série Schitt’s Creek

Like many of his fellow comedians, Laurent Paquin turned to the web during the confinement of the last few months. But the comedian, who has seen several of his shows to be postponed because of the pandemic, is eager to find its audience in theaters.

“For me, the shows virtual will never replace the human touch of a real crowd,” he said. But in recent weeks, it was still important to continue to make the brain. “

The comedian would not be closed to the idea of playing in venues of reduced capacity, once the green light will be given by the public health. “It actually shows this time on web applications in front of 80 people or so, and I can’t believe that you can’t do it in halls. I don’t have a problem with it. “

“If the Brothel [comedy club] – oak, but that one has not the right to have more than 25 people in the room, we’re going to do. We will respect the law. Twenty-five people in the Brothel, it can still be fun. I realize that it has a need to express themselves [the comedians]. It is dependent on the emotional. We need to speak to the world. “


The father of a 14 year old boy and an 8 year old girl, Laurent Paquin adds be poorly placed to complain, in the current situation. “I live in the suburbs, I have a plot of land. I don’t do pity. […] There were days where I had a small ball of anxiety before the unknown. But each time that I spoke publicly, I tried to be positive. “

His two children are doing school at home at this time. “My girlfriend no longer had a job, she can help them with homework,” says Laurent. I didn’t want my daughter goes back to school for the moment. We know that children are not really in danger [facing the virus], but they can become vectors of transmission. I have a life that often takes me outside. I don’t want to have in my house the coronavirus and to have the fear of the pass. “

Having spent a lot of time to devour a burst of tv series these past few weeks, Laurent Paquin shows have had a big blow of heart for the series canadian Schitt”s Creek. “It was my revelation,” he said. I really liked this series and I fell in love with almost all of the characters. I had the money, when it is finished ! “

It also looks at currently the latest season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. “I was a fan of Andy Samberg because of Saturday Night Live and his musical group, the Lonely Island. “

The comedian is quite curious to see the quebec version of this series, Squad 99, which will be released soon. “The bar is high, because it is one of the best comedies on tv, according to me. But I remain very open-minded and seeing the cast, I said to myself that there was no reason that this is not a good idea. “

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