Laurent Tabutin and Luc Donnadieu inducted into the leadership of SO Millau rugby

Laurent Tabutin and Luc Donnadieu inducted into the leadership of SO Millau rugby

Luc Donnadieu (à gauche) et Laurent Tabutin (à droite) sont les nouveaux présidents. Midi libre – Maxime Cohen

Ce mercredi le nouveau duo de présidents a été présenté à l’ensemble du club de Millau lors de l’assemblée générale constitutive.

Arriving after a season full of emotions is not easy. Rémi Durand and Patrice Arguel leave Millau with a great first team epic (she came close to promotion to Federal 1) and above all, a title of French champions for the U18s. "Doing better, it will be complicated", quips Laurent Tabutin. However, there is no shortage of ambitions and the induction of Laurent Tabutin and Luc Donnadieu was an opportunity for all category managers to present the objectives for the coming season.“We want to continue with what has been done, Rémi (Durand) and Patrice (Arguel) brought us to the steering committee 3 years ago, resumes the general director of services of the community of communes of Saint-Affricain. They leave us with a more than healthy situation at all levels, they have set the bar very high for the future."

A historic title for the U18s

Indeed, on the women's pole, if the senior team was heavily eliminated in the first round of the final stages, the young people placed Millau at the top of the national hierarchy. Their qualification for the final allows them to reach the highest national level and their title brought back after their final against Stade Français was the icing on the cake. " We want to continue to develop women's practice in Millau and ensure that the players develop in the best possible conditions, introduces Nicolas Costes who will head the women's division. We will continue to be a driving force at the departmental level and competition is increasingly tough at the regional level."

Philippe Andreani and Romuald Troncy among the seniors

Among young people, the staff will not change, each category should have around thirty players for this new exercise. On the other hand, among the seniors, Marion Costes leaves her post and Philippe Andreani accompanied by Romuald Troncy will coach the team. "We would like to create more links between all the categories which was not the case before, continues Nicolas Costes who notably led the Marcel-Aymard sports section to the final of the French UNSS championships.

On the men's side, the club is experiencing a major upheaval with many players leaving (15) and in particular executives, such as Ewen Perraux or Gauthier Escalaïs and a new staff, already revealed by Midi Libre. "We want to develop the project without erasing everything that has been done before, presents Baptiste Majorel, at the head of the first team. We will continue to rely on training."

Already 15 recruits for next year

To date, for both teams, 62 players are available and 11 recruits were announced at this meeting. Three pillars: Madot Mabokela (Bourges, Fédérale 2), Pierre Grugnet (LSA, Fédérale 2); a hooker: Teddy Herniou (Le Creuzot, Fédérale 2); a second row: Loïc Keita (Mazamet, Fédérale 1); two third rows: Charles Nyoungue Etondo (Palavas, Fédérale 2) and one from Fédérale 3 whose identity has not been revealed. For the hinge, Enzo Delagnes will arrive from Rodez rugby, in the center, Bastien Zerouali will arrive from Lévézou Ségala. Finally, two youngsters from the club will return home on the wings, Mathéo Alric leaves TOAC TOEC rugby in Toulouse (Federal 1) and Yanis Oublal leaves Macon to once again wear the Millavoise jersey. The arrival of another full-back must be made official. And inevitably, the objective will be to do better than last season.

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