Laval: gaps in planning of real estate transactions

Laval: des lacunes en matière de planification des transactions immobilières

LAVAL – The auditor general of Laval has identified deficiencies in the strategic planning of real estate transactions of the City in its annual report 2019 presented Tuesday to the city council.

Véronique Boily has also identified shortcomings relating to the management of watercourses and maintenance of storm water management, and to preventive maintenance of the components of the buildings, said his office on Wednesday by press release.

“For these three subjects, the analyses of cost were also deficient”, is there shown.

On the side of real estate transactions, the auditor general reviewed six acquisitions, otc real-estate assets with a total value of nearly $ 48 million, saying that his analysis allows him to “conclude that the City acted too often late without a real schedule, which has sometimes been placed in a situation of vulnerability to parties with which it has had to negotiate”.

“Our findings are important. They highlight the need to improve management structures and practices to ensure the quality of analyses and assessments. They also aim at ensuring the correctness of transactions carried out as well as the objectivity of the decision-making process in order that the consents given by the competent authorities are fully informed,” said Véronique Boily.

The City has four years to try to correct the shooting, according to the wish of the Office of the auditor general. The rate of application of recommendations has reached 73 % in 2019, is less than in 2018 (91 %) and 2017 (86 %).

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