Laval: record number of complaints handled by the ombudsman

LAVAL – The number of complaints processed by the ombudsman of the City of Laval has jumped in the last year to reach a record level.

In 2019, there were 24 % of open cases more than in the previous year, 793.

“Since its inception in 2013, the Office of the ombudsman has dealt with no less than 2894 folders”, said by press release the ombudsman of Laval, Me Nadine Mailloux, during the unveiling of its annual report on Wednesday morning.

“Each of these cases represents an opportunity to help the citizens by directing them to the relevant organisations or by allowing them to reconnect with their City, she added. Each folder allows us to put in practice our approach is based on the kindness, thoroughness and desire to help.”

Approximately 57 % of the complaints concerned the Services of the public works, engineering and urban planning. In this case, it is often citizens alleging injury to municipal work which require the dismantling or demolition of facilities on private property.

These complaints including “a dissatisfaction with the rehabilitation work carried out by the City or its sub-contractors, a divergent interpretation of the nature of the rehabilitation work performed, or the interactions of citizens with sub-contractors of the City”, noted the ombudsman.

For this reason, Me Nadine Mailloux has recommended that the City adopt “clear guidelines for all elements surrounding the work carried out on private property.”

The snow removal has also aroused the dissatisfaction of citizens because the ombudsman has recorded 61 complaints related to these operations in the winter of 2018-2019.

All in all, the ombudsman of Laval said to have been able to pay 44 % of complaints in which the citizens or the putting in communication with the municipal administration or the appropriate agency.

The office of Me Nadine Mailloux intervened directly with the municipal administration in 21 % of cases and has carried out an extensive survey to 35% of the complaints.

The lawyer said that this was his last annual report. After seven years in the post, it will go to work as the ombudsman of the City of Montreal.

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