Laval: the heat exchanger Val-des-Brises on the 440 finally takes shape

Laval: l’échangeur Val-des-Brises sur la 440 prendra finalement forme

LAVAL – The construction of the heat exchanger, Val-des-Brises, Laval, should finally start this summer. According to the timelines upfront, he would have had to be built in 2015.

The heat exchanger is located on highway 440, between the highway 19 and route 125 (Pie-IX). The city council of the City of Laval was authorized Tuesday night credits for the completion of the construction work, an investment estimated at more than $25 million.

Once the contract is signed, work may begin during the summer of 2020 and to last for two years. They will understand the construction of the new bridge overpass and the remodelling of surrounding streets and ramps of the highway 440 East. Eventually, the boulevard Robert-Bourassa will join the rue Gaumont via the new boulevard Michel-Angel.

Laval wishes with this exchanger to increase the access to the South and East, and reduce traffic flows on the avenue of the Aristocrats. Pedestrians and cyclists will also have a space to circulate on each side.

The works and their supervision will be carried out by the ministry of Transportation and its contractors licensed since the viaduct overlooks a way provincial.

“This is excellent news, mainly for people in the sector Val-des-Brises, which, in addition to move more easily, see the traffic decrease in their neighbourhoods,” said Christiane Yoakim; councillor of the district Val-des-Arbres.

The leader of the official opposition, Michel Trottier, believes that the exchanger will rebalance an injustice previously caused to residents. “In Laval, the citizens have been the victims of developers who have developed in all parts of the conditions of the time, which ensures that neighbourhoods have been isolated”, he said.

“We must find a way to connect our neighborhoods and in this place, it was catastrophic enough to move from one area to the other,” he added.

The heat exchanger Val-des-Brises was announced in 2013 at the time when Alexandre Duplessis, was the mayor laval. It appears in the third phase of the planning of the sector, which began in 1988. A CHLSD and residential development along the boulevard Robert-Bourassa are also provided.

In the three-year programme of capital works budget (PTI) developed in 2013, it was expected that the structure will be built probably in 2015.

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