Laval will receive$ 750,000 for the old condo Vaillancourt

Laval touchera 750 000$ pour l’ancien condo de Vaillancourt

The City of Laval is about to sell for nearly$ 750,000 to the former condo of his ex-mayor corrupt Gilles Vaillancourt, which it inherited when the latter was sent to prison.

The elected residents must approve the transaction, which has been placed on the agenda of the meeting of the city council Tuesday night.

The ex-mayor Vaillancourt had accepted to give up his condo in the framework of a repayment agreement of$ 8.5 Million, when he pleaded guilty to charges of fraud and breach of trust in December 2016.

He received a total sentence of nearly six years in the penitentiary, but he has spent a year behind bars before being released for good conduct.

In 2016, the City of Laval, estimated the value of this condo to$ 1 Million. But she did not proceed immediately to the sale. In December 2018, our survey revealed that the City has waited 24 months before to modify its regulations so that a broker can put the unit in the market.

At this time, the taxpayers laval had already paid for$ 19,000 in the condo fees.

“The City has taken the time to do all the necessary analysis prior to the regulatory change, which was necessary for the sale of the condo,” explained a spokesperson for the City.

The condo of three bedrooms and two bathrooms has been sold for 875 000$ at the beginning of 2019, and the price of the concluded sales agreement is exactly 748$ 500, depending on the documents consulted.

Recall that Gilles Vaillancourt has led a ploy that allowed him to receive rebates of 2% on contracts in the public sector of construction in Laval for more than a decade.

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