Lazarev first spoke about the wedding with Lorak, fans stunned, “Absolutely happy!”

Лазарев впервые заговорил о свадьбе с Лорак, фанаты ошеломлены: "Абсолютно счастлив!"

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The famous Russian singer Sergey Lazarev, who has long been credited with a romantic relationship with socialite Leroy Kudryavtseva, and with the Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, said that thinking about marriage and married life.

This became known thanks to a recent interview of Sergey Lazarev for Russian journalists.

Лазарев впервые заговорил о свадьбе с Лорак, фанаты ошеломлены: "Абсолютно счастлив!"

Sergey Lazarev, Regnum

As it turned out, fans will soon be able to enjoy the Sergey in a wedding suit, as the singer of such plans yet. At the moment, the singer threw herself into his personal life, he wants to spend more time with their children. Recall that when Lazarev is going on tour to care for children it helps mommy and several nannies. About beloved Sergei did not mention. Lazarev have two children – 5-summer Nikita and one-year-old daughter Anna.

“In this direction I’m not working. Everyone decides their own path, their own development. I am absolutely happy person, engaged in the education of children”, – said the actor.

The last time the press discussed the rumors about his relationship with Ani Lorak. After all, artists often appear in public together. However, Lazarev and lorac emphasize that between them exceptionally friendly relations.

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