Leading “eagle and tails” suddenly spoke about the terrible illness: “you Know what pain is?”

Ведущая "Орла и решки" неожиданно заговорила о страшном недуге: "Знаете, что такое боль?"

Nastya Ivleva

today, 08:20

Famous Russian blogger and TV presenter Anastasia Ivlieva came for vacation to visit my mom in St-Petersburg. But enjoy the rest didn’t give him allergies.

When the presenter began to play with the cat, then realized that her condition worsened.

I know what pain is, friends? In Moscow, I have no Pets due to work schedule. But I always dreamed about them and miss my cat who lives here with her mom in St. Petersburg. Buried his nose in it — and it turns out that I’m allergic!” — said the blogger.

Ведущая "Орла и решки" неожиданно заговорила о страшном недуге: "Знаете, что такое боль?"

Nastya Ivleva

Nastya Ivleva – known Russian TV presenter, singer and videoblogger. The girl became famous thanks to Instagram and as a leading TV program about travel “heads and Tails. Restart”. Ivlieva also has his own show, which invites the star friends, it goes on YouTube.

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