Leading “Facts” on ICTV Elena frolyak told how I first got on TV

Ведущая "Факты" на ICTV Елена Фроляк рассказала, как впервые попала на телевидение

Elena Frolyak

today, 19:41

Autumn is a special time for television. In addition to the launch of the new season, in this period, reporters, editors, speakers, filmmakers, and many others celebrate professional holidays.

21 Nov greetings received by the TV channels.

Znayu visited on ICTV and talked with the host and editor-in-chief of “Facts” Elena frolyak.

Ведущая "Факты" на ICTV Елена Фроляк рассказала, как впервые попала на телевидение

Elena Frolyak

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She said what started her television career in Ukraine.

“At a time when all normal students from the first year of looking for opportunities to stay after graduating, I returned home to Ivano-Frankivsk. My internship took place on television, which there then was in its infancy. It was a real school, the experience that in the future very useful – I was a journalist, host and editor, and stylist. Remember we are shooting usually walked or rode the trolley. And then wrote the story, and even aired out. It is from Ivano-Frankivsk I went for an internship at CNN, and later at the BBC. I think the fact that I worked for regional television was then decisive,” said frolyak.

She added that after training in the air force temporarily decided to stay in London.

“And somehow come home and tell me that I was looking for one person. I then didn’t believe who I might know in London? However, I saw the note and was very happy, because it left my classmate. He came to the conference found me and called for a new channel, which was then created in Kiev. It was the first “Vikna” on the channel UT-2. Looking for a leading and my friend called to audition. Time to think gave up in the morning. Yes there was a time to think, I went immediately to Kiev and successfully passed the auditions. So I started my work in the capital,” – said TV presenter.

In addition, frolyak said that in 2000, the same classmate has collected most of the information the command is for another project for the TV channel ICTV, where and invited her.

“Here I paused for a long time – 19 years. Until 2009 I was the top, and the last ten years – and editor. In addition, sometimes shoot scenes, go on business trips. Sadly never happen. When you ask not bored, not burned out – I answered once! Besides, I like the philosophy of “Facts” I share the values of the company where you work. The desire to go through other channels does not occur. While I’m here,” concluded the presenter.

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