Leading “House-2” is ready to remove Ivlievu and Buzova, the main thing is not sex: “I’ll Have to kill you”

Ведущий "Дом-2" готов убрать Ивлееву и Бузову, главное – не интим: "Придется прикончить"

Vlad Kadono, photo: versiya.info

today, 17:38

Russian reality leading “House-2” Vlad Kadoni explained why he doesn’t want to sleep with Anastasia Ivlieva and Olga Buzova. The Frank confession he made edition Super! On YouTube.

So, he showed three pictures of his co-host on the project: Ksenia Borodina, Olga Orlova and Olga Buzova. He had to choose whom of them would like to have sex, whom to remove and whom to kiss . For this he chose the eagles, especially since the media and then assigns them to the novel, but Buzova he would prefer to remove, and Borodin to kiss.

Ведущий "Дом-2" готов убрать Ивлееву и Бузову, главное – не интим: "Придется прикончить"

Nastya Ivleva

Among other showbiz stars Vlad kadoni was asked to choose from the characters of Game of thrones. So, with Cersei Lannister, he would prefer to sleep with Tyrion Lannister to kiss and Jaime Lannister to clean.

At the end of the transfer of Vlad Kadoni suggested the leading to put yourself in the top three with some media characters. As the rivals she chose to Go Galich and Nastya Ivleva.

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“With Ulevoi I would definitely sleep did not. Honestly, for me a pair of LJ and Ivlieva strange. I can’t explain. Although by her standards, I’d be OK, there was, with a vengeance. Ivlievu have to kill you” he said.

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