Leah Elui and Hunter Rowland : new split for the couple ?

Léa Elui et Hunter Rowland : nouvelle rupture pour le couple ?

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Leah Elui and Hunter Rowland again separated ? The couple is unfollow

Leah Elui and Hunter Rowland are they again separated ? This is the question that fans of both influencers arise for several days. After being officially handed over together toward the end of August, they unfollow and have deleted all of their photos together…

Between Leah Elui and Hunter Rowland, it is a roller coaster. After having had a “stroke of lightning like in the movies” for the influencer that she was very in love, Leah learned their split in June on Twitter : “I did not know that I was single before I was on Twitter,”she said. Despite this, the two former were eventually to be reconciled in July.

After being seen together, she had shared a video of them two on 23 August. At the beginning of September, which is part of the top 10 influencers are the most followed in France in 2019 left no room for doubt in sharing story Instagram a photo of her kissing the American, noting that he was “at it”.

New rupture to Leah Elui and Hunter Rowland ?

But now new rumors of rupture are rocking social networking for the past few days. Not only the two stars have very recently unfollow on Instagram, but they have deleted all their pictures together. In addition, everyone seems to put captions under their posts during Instagram, of the kind “Take the risk or lose your chance”, “I would have liked you to be there” or “Baby, the best part of me, it’s you”. Remains to be seen whether this new rupture is final, or if the two ex are going to reconcile…

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