Leah Francis back in a More beautiful life : this is what is going to happen to Barbara

Léa François de retour dans Plus belle la vie : voilà ce qui va arriver à Barbara

Leah Francis back in a More beautiful life : this is what is going to happen to Barbara

When it comes to becoming a mom, Leah Francis should not delay to start on the path of the studios. The star of a More beautiful life on France 3 is expected to resume her role of Barbara as soon as 2020. And this is what awaits the character for his come-back to the Mistral.

Leah Francis returning to the Mistral

Side private life, Leah Francis became a mother. On November 24, 2019, the actress gave birth to her first child, a baby she had with her a companion of long date Simon. Then, she takes advantage of the joys of motherhood with her daughter, Louison, who embodies Barbara should already be back as soon as 2020 in a More beautiful life on France 3. It is this that has assured Tv Star.

Lea Francis had himself confessed to the media : “There they will leave me even a few months to get over it all and I’ll be back in early next year in my role as Barbara”. So this is the beginning of 2020 as the star of the series provided for its return, which was confirmed to the magazine.

This is what awaits Barbara in Plus belle la vie

What will become of his character in the upcoming episodes of Plus belle la vie ? Viewers should find Barbara cured of his alcoholism after a stint in rehab. But in addition to be treated, the young unmarried woman should come back with a surprise to the Mistral : a baby. The writers have in effect done is to join the reality and the fiction. But where does it come from this child ? Barbara was she pregnant ? Is it really his ?

In addition to the return of Leah Francis in a More beautiful life, number of Tv-Star on Monday 23 December 2019 has also announced that Jean-Charles Chagachbanian, alias Franck.

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