Learning disabilities: a consultant provides specialized teams in the fall

Retards d’apprentissage: un expert propose des équipes spécialisées à la rentrée

The education specialist Aegis Royer judge that the school teams should be especially vigilant, and especially proactive in order not to “escape” the students in trouble or on the verge of dropping out during the school year to the end of the summer.

“It will be necessary to monitor at the back, it is who returns to the school, which is difficulty, which comes with a big delay, which is a failure of French and mathematics and who may not have his degree,” says from the outset the expert in an interview broadcast on LCN, noting that young people have not had education in the presence of a teacher during three months.

“Over a million students in Quebec, I 220 000 identified as having adjustment difficulties or learning disabilities. The vast majority will not have had teaching in face-to-face for three months!”, said Aegis Royer.

It suggests the establishment of specialized team intervention follow-ups in order to target at-risk youth and adolescents who do not show up at the autumn in order to bring them back by all means on the benches of school.

“It is already done in the other provinces,” assured the specialist in education.

According to the latest figures, 8900 young people have dropped out of school in the province. If the crisis of the COVID-19 is probably going to inflate these figures, Aegis Royer judge that if the number of dropouts is under 10 000, that will be fine.

“It is not necessary that one comes up with figures like 12 000, 13 000, 15 000! There it will be an impact really important and very negative”, he says.


He insists however on the fact that the sequelae associated with the COVID-19, and the containment are important for the pupils, and that it should not be overlooked because of the distancing physical.

“In the clear, if some young people do not receive remedial instruction because the room was too small and did not adhere to a meter decimal point something… The impact of a lack of remedial instruction will be much more important than the respect of a few centimeters of the distance physical,” he concludes.

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