“Learning to drive”: Yury Gorbunov has shared a sweet photo with her son

In the picture the kid sitting on dad’s hands in the car

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"Учится водить": Юрий Горбунов поделился милым фото с сыном

Yuri Gorbunov

Known Ukrainian TV presenter Oksana Gorbunov often shares with his fans a photo from everyday life. On his page on Instagram 48-year-old entertainer posted a nice photo with them with Katerina Osadchaya two-year-old son Ivan.

In the photo the boy sits in Pope’s hands and looks out the window of the car. “Our little driver! Already learning to drive”, – signed photo of the presenter.

"Учится водить": Юрий Горбунов поделился милым фото с сыном

Yuri Gorbunov with his son Ivan

Note that Katerina and Yuri didn’t show the baby’s face to the General public. Only occasionally in their accounts in social networks photo with the baby. Son TV presenters came to light in February 2017. Yuri baby was the first child, and Catherine Osadchaya second. The first son of TV presenter gave birth to in 2002 when she was 19 years old.

We will remind, fans suspected Katerina Osadchaya in the third pregnancy. Think the fans gave the outfit of the presenter.

Earlier, Kateryna Osadcha and Yuri Gorbunov showed romantic pictures with guests.

Watch videos about how Tina brings up his son:

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