Leave with dignity: the star of the “Harry Potter” spoke about euthanasia

Уйти с достоинством: звезда "Гарри Поттера" заговорила об эвтаназии

Actress Miriam Margulis, famous for the role of Professor of travelogue in the film adaptation of the legendary Saga “Harry Potter”, told my opinion about euthanasia. Edition of the Daily Mail writes that Margulis fully supports the right of people to voluntarily withdraw from life.

The actress believes that the law prohibiting euthanasia should be revised, because seriously ill people should have the right to die with dignity, if you want, and not become a burden to the family. There is nothing harder than feeling helpless and dependent, and understand that loved ones see you suffer, suffer themselves, but can’t help it.

Уйти с достоинством: звезда "Гарри Поттера" заговорила об эвтаназии

Miriam Margulis

In an interview with the publication Margulis emphasized that, in her opinion, it is better to be alive than dead.

However, she herself had to face such a problem. A close friend of the actress experienced terrible suffering from pancreatic cancer and asked her when this is all over.

“I was incredibly sad and I thought, why do we have to go through this?”, concluded Margulis.

Earlier, we wrote that the oldest scientist of Australia David Goodall voluntarily died in the Swiss city of Basel, listening to “Ode to joy” by Beethoven.

104-year-old environmentalist David Goodall euthanized scientist, died in the hospital Life, after the introduction of a special drug under medical supervision.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” Australian doctor Philip Nitchke with the structural engineer from the Netherlands Alexander Bannikov decided to create a machine for painless euthanasia. Created the device using a 3D printer.

Euthanasia is today considered illegal in most countries of the world, therefore, according to scientists, their device will be able to help those who want to take his own life independently, without putting loved ones at risk of arrest.


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