Leave your son and rush in travel? Todorenko suddenly talking about returning to the “eagle and tails”

Бросит сына и рванет в путешествия? Тодоренко неожиданно заговорила о возвращении в "Орел и решку"

today, 23:01

Known Ukrainian TV presenter, which is now actively building a career in Russia, Regina Todorenko taken aback by the statement that in a short time can return to the project “heads and tails”.

Todorenko gave a Frank interview to the colleague Ksenia Sobchak, who asked her about her travel show, presenter of which long time was just Regina.

Todorenko was surprised by the awareness of Xenia, but did not object. The presenter noted that she was invited to take part in the filming of the new jubilee season of the show.

Бросит сына и рванет в путешествия? Тодоренко неожиданно заговорила о возвращении в "Орел и решку"

Regina Todorenko, JetSetter

This is a cool project. Now will be the anniversary season, which invited a large number of stars. Including me, “said Todorenko.

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The presenter also spoke about how the war between Ukraine and Russia has affected her family. As you know, Regina is a native of Odessa. The artist is very sorry that can not with her husband Vlad Topalov, who was denied entry to Ukraine, to come home and show me where she grew up. However, she began to cry.

It’s very difficult. My husband could not come to meet my grandfather. Very heavy subject. It is very difficult to live in this state for many years. I really want to come with my husband to show them where I lived, it’s important to me. Where I was born, where he grew up. And there just are not allowed in any way. And my grandpa he communicates via Skype, because 80-year-old grandfather is hard to bring. We even played a wedding in another country, so that there is no reference to Russia, not to Ukraine“, – said Regina in an interview with Ksenia Sobchak.

We will remind, Todorenko in a swimsuit flashed a thin figure in Paradise Bali: “What slender!”.

Previously “Know.ia” talked about the fact that Regina Todorenko wrote that the Americans and the Japanese – a much more cheerful Ukrainians.

The portal also “Know.ia” beauty Todorenko first talked about the health problems: “Age effect”.

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