Lebanon: Canada is injecting$ 25 Million more

Liban: le Canada débloque 25 M$ de plus

Ottawa has significantly increased its emergency aid for Lebanon on Monday night, announcing the grant in the amount of$ 25 Million extra for the rescue of the inhabitants of Beirut, devastated last week by a double explosion and devastation that has killed at least 160 people dead.

This amount is in addition to the$ 5 Million that the federal government had already promised in the wake of the tragedy, including$ 1.5 Million in immediate funding to community-based organizations, such as the lebanese Red Cross.

Of Ottawa also reiterated on Monday that$ 30 Million is now being made to help the Lebanese will be granted to “trusted partners”. Lebanon, whose government resigned on Monday in the face of the anger of the street, is sadly known for the high level of corruption of its leaders.

The money announced by Ottawa will be used to ensure the immediate needs of the inhabitants of the capital of the country of the Cedar. “Our donations will support the emergency medical services and will provide shelter, food and other essential items to the population affected by the explosion”, has detailed the prime minister’s office in a press release issued Monday evening.

In addition, the federal support could reach up to$ 35 Million, as the government has indicated that it will match the donations of Canadians paid to the relief Fund for Lebanon, to a maximum raised to$5 Million.

“We come in to help in the immediate future in the wake of this tragedy, but we will also our help in the reconstruction work in the long term. We are willing to do more, and we will ensure that our investments reach directly to the communities affected,” commented minister of international Development, Karina Gould, by issuing a press release.

The office of the prime minister has assured that the government will continue to monitor the situation in the coming weeks.

Recall that, on 4 August, the explosion of a warehouse full of some 2750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate has ravaged the port and the city of Beirut, killing approximately 160 people dead, 3000 injured and 300,000 homeless.

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