Lebanon: the additional assistance of the Canada could come in cereal

Liban: l’aide additionnelle du Canada pourrait venir des céréales

OTTAWA-Canada is preparing to send more help to the lebanese people, which is explosions, the devastating attacks in Beirut, and the federal government’s contribution will, without a doubt, the sending of food such as grain products.

“I think Canada can play a historic role in ensuring the food security of Lebanon,” said the minister of foreign Affairs, François-Philippe Champagne, Thursday, in an interview with the QMI Agency.

He said, in the same breath, that the Trudeau government has initiated discussions with Cereals Canada, a non-profit organization bringing together several players from the industry of grain products, to see how the exporters and producers in canada can lend a helping hand to the Lebanese.

Ottawa has already announced that he will make$ 5 Million in humanitarian aid, of which$ 1.5 Million paid promptly to partners on the ground such as the lebanese Red Cross. However, the minister, Champagne insists that Ottawa will be much more promising that Canada will be “at the forefront of the humanitarian response on the needs of Lebanon”.

A list of priorities on the needs of the lebanese partners of Canada was passed on Wednesday evening at the federal level, according to the minister, who is said to multiply contacts with his counterpart in lebanon. He mentioned, at the other end of the wire from Shawinigan, have noticed that grain silos were damaged in the outbreaks, and that the reserve would take, on the ground that thirty days. Canada’s role could also come in the shipment of medical equipment, he mentioned.

“A lot of the medical equipment that was already on the ground in Lebanon has been used [and] the health workforce had been directed, obviously, in the fight against the COVID-19, a-t-he statement. And here, you add a tragedy like that. It puts a huge weight.”

The first payment of$ 5 Million must already be used to urgent medical care, food, and provide shelter. We do not know exactly, on Thursday, at which organizations would be the entire amount. It is likely that Oxfam will be the lot, in addition to the lebanese Red Cross.

One thing is certain, Ottawa has sent the signal to have heard the concerns of the lebanese community, which wants to avoid at all costs that the corrupt politicians to grab the money.

“Our humanitarian aid goes through trusted NGOS, humanitarian partners, and multilateral on the ground. Canada is working with Lebanon for decades,” insisted the minister of international Development, Karina Gould, in press.

One of the options being considered to boost the help of the government is matching donations made by Canadians to the Red Cross. Ottawa had made during the earthquake in Haiti and studied this possibility on Thursday.

In addition, the united Nations (UN) had to launch a call for contributions and the minister Champagne and was assured that Canada would “present”.

The government of Quebec, for its part, announced on Thursday an emergency humanitarian assistance of$ 1 Million in Lebanon. This financial support will be distributed through quebec agencies working in the country of the cedar.

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